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September 12, 2010

So allow me okay? Hahahaha!

This month is kinda a pretty packed month for me, cause for army side, I've got outfield to prepare and go for! Then, I've also got to attend and give a 30 minutes talk for a conference at the end of this month! *nervous shit*

And I haven't even start doing out the ppt slides and stuff!

Luckily all the adverts I have on hand are all cleared for now! But of course I hope more to come cause I'm gonna to start to be back on track and get my driving license and maybe to study a real estate agent course!

Wahlao! So many things to do yet so little time!

And and and, I really miss ran! Just now he called and I picked up without knowing is him at first, and hearing him makes me wanna tear! Hope he will be back home soon, which is next month! So long lorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Oh and also overseas trip during November!

Still don't have any idea where to go to yet! Maybe I might travel alone cause I always wanted to and think it's a good experience for me too!

Blog more! I'll try! Lovelove!


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  1. Hey Ben! This reader of yours just wanted to post a message haahah ^-^
    I think your family is great. When I read that you nearly teared upon hearing your bro's call, I felt touched hehe.
    but it's nice to see a person's family working out so well.
    hope your family stays happy and close together always.

    Have fun travelling! ^-^

  2. Anonymous7:47 pm

    <span>what brand of contact lens do you use? the brown rim one i think?</span>