Updates on infected legs & swollen hands.

September 25, 2010

(Mild gross pictures towards the end, don't see if you cannot take it)

As some of you might know, I actually injured myself during outfield few days back!

I was so careless and when climbing up an equipment, and I knocked my shin area on to the equipment! I still thought it was nothing at first lor (even though it's damn painful at that moment!) so it's only after 15 minutes or so, then I roll up my pants, and saw it's bleeding like mad!

I sometimes really hate the medic cause they like really anyhow one lor!

Obviously it's really painful but they seems like they don't care and anyhow apply those medication for you. So nevermind, I endure it through the outfield!

So after the outfield, back in camp! I suddenly realise my right hand got bitten (most of us got bitten by the horny mozzies there) real badly and it's starting to swell!

So I endure.

So it's 2 days after my leg injuries and 1 day after my swollen hand, and my hand is swelling so bad that everyone say it looks like pig's trotter! Wtfbbq one them!

And I can't even clench my fist or move it lor. That serious.

So I went to medical centre to check, and he uses force to close my hands when I cannot even close and clench my fist! Siao one! Then he said it's nothing much and my leg injuries is recovering!

So I believed and went back.

Luckily one of my Staff gave me half day off and ask me to go outside to see doctor myself (omg! if he never ask me to go see doctor I think I'll be more serious than ever) and when I went to see the family doctor, I WAS ALREADY RUNNING FEVER and I didn't even know about it!

And the doctor say it's caused by the infected hands and legs!!!!

After much medication (got quite afew antibiotics), my swollen hands are better now but my leg IS NOT. So weird cause I thought the leg wound is better already.

Now the wound on my leg keep having pus gushing (okay, abit kua zhang) out! :(

And I took some pictures just now, show you all!


With some medication cream on it!


See the fucking pus! This is taken after shower so it's not that bad!

But it's actually really fucking bad cause the pus keeps coming out every fucking single seconds!!!!!! Wtfffffffffff lah!!!


I want it to recover soon! And my fever is pretty much okay now!

Just that the doctor say the fever might be back again since it's still infected!

p/s: Yes I know, my leg's hair seems abit ugly hor! It grows back already (so fast lor) after I went for waxing the other time! Should I go for waxing again? Cause I don't really like my leg's hair! Not just me, but many of the mates in my camp all don't like! Wear shorts will ugly lah!


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  1. Ailing3:02 am

    I'm living in Germany and my bro naturally has hardly any hair on his legs.

    So all his friends (obviously German ppl with kinda lots of hair all over) make fun of him, saying 'OMG, you shave urself?!'
    meaing 'are you gay or what?'

    just thought it would be funny to tell u
    personally I don't care, but it rly looks cleaner without hair !^^