Do you pass, fail or is perfect?

November 21, 2010

Was editing pictures halfway and I suddenly thought of this (for guys)...

If you are...

Good looking + Skinny = Pass
(At least your face looks good, so passable!)

Good looking + Fat = Fail
(Unless you slim down, but if not, the world is so superficial!
If you're fat, usually people won't notice you, or notice you for the wrong reason!)

Good looking + Muscular = Perfect
(What can I say? Nothing but.. Perfecto!)

Ugly + Skinny = Fail
(Sorry, if you're skinny and look horrible... OUT!)

Ugly + Fat = Fail
(The world is practical! Sorry!)

Ugly + Muscular = Pass
(Even if you don't like the looks, but you got the body and size, you're counted as
passable cause it covers and make it up for it! And some girls love it!)

Hahahaha! Just a random thought that came by! Of course, personality/character are not included in this! This entry is just for the fun of it, don't take it too serious yea? *jumps*

Back to editing pictures! New entry up really soon! :)


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  1. Joyce1:32 pm

    <span>Haha goodlooking + muscular + tanned = 100% perfect! Goodlooking + muscular + fair = 85% perfect only!</span>

  2. the last one is damn true! ugly guys can still be attractive if they r muscular! ahaha