These 10 pictures makes me happy!

December 07, 2010

I know right, you must be thinking what 10 pictures actually makes me that happy!

But it's just the latest set of pictures that I took when I meet up with Kenny (one of my camp mates) recently for lunch before I went for my haircut. I don't know why, but I feel happy viewing them when I finish edited and uploaded them just now cause they are so pretty and nice! Hahahaha!

Wtfbbq! You people must be thinking that I'm mad right! But it's okay lah, I don't need you all to share the joy with me! But pictures are still gonna posted be up still! :p



Bacon omelette curry rice!


My hair kinda looks good here eh?


Wonder what if all of them drops down!


Loving my new brown polka dots bag that I bought from KL!


This little kid is mad cute!!!!!!

You know, we were shopping then suddenly he tap on my waist area and I turn around, it was this tiny cute little boy! And he wave to me and then he proceed and wave to my friend, then he ran away! Omggggggg! So cute right! Hahahahahaha!

Then Kenny, was like asking me to take picture with him!

So we called him over and asked him to take picture with me and he just obediently stand there while I take my camera out and pass it to my friend! Very cute one!

But I guess he's a lil too over hyperactive! Cause he's basically running around the whole shop!



Kuromitsu icecream!


My new "wallet" for my ez-link card!

I usually don't have the habit of putting ez-link card in my wallet cause it's such a hassle if you want to take it in and out! So I'll always put it in separately in a card holder or something! My previous one was a 'Finding Nemo' card holder, but it's spoilt so I bought this and it's mad cute right!!

You all can get it from Daiso, don't say I never share! :)


And Christmas is coming!!! 18 more days!!! Excited yet?!!


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  1. ShakeAssBoy5:31 pm

    Wow..really like your Blackberry and LV wallet and PolkaDotBag and and and That Orange Camera !! but most imptly your Hair so nice ! haha !


  3. I think your dressing is a bit gay... Your pants is like Hotpants and your , is like low cut. Haha, no offence though.  :)

  4. and your shirt. *

  5. may i know what cam are you using?

  6. You look so SISSY. esp your dressing...........sometimes I just can't stand it n click off. Think your bro Randy look so much least he's more man in his dressing. NO offence.......

  7. ookooo2:29 am

    u look like a gal! ohmy....

  8. hey where is the shop that you took this pic at ?? thanks!

  9. typicalben11:32 pm


  10. Joshua Ong9:00 am

    Gosh, just lay off him. Everyone should be entitled his own style and individuality ;) Besides, nobody's dying for you to come back. kthxbai! 

  11. passer8:45 pm

    omg bloody gay. you wearing girl shoes?! WTF

  12. NewLook but the NewLook is SISSY. :)

  13. Jenny4:55 pm

    Lol at the 'no offense' because you're obviously trying to offend him

  14. Anonymous11:30 am

    <span>Just curious... How is it possible to leave your hair so long when you're in NS? o.O</span>

  15. Anonymous3:28 am

    no offence means 'i'm trying to insult you but don't get mad'

  16. Anonymous3:52 pm

    <span>Hey! Mind telling me where did you purchase your polka dot orange bag? I love it so much!</span>

  17. typicalben5:17 pm

    KL, Times Square!

  18. Haters gonna hate. Haters shoo.

  19. yeewon12:52 am

    wow how do you come thru these, by just ignoring them, i always tend to think that youre so haoliao sometimes i set you as role model. I try to learn from you and be happy all the time. When I read your blog right, I feel that no point getting sad over some stuff.Your happy virus just spread onto me.Im sure you have hard times too but I dont know how you endure it ,somehow pei fu you! Im also envy that you have lovely Family Fingers and being a Singaporean ! I have times that wanted to interview you leh , cause I feel that you are like a great mentor.

  20. ewwww why likw girl liddat? sissyyy much.

  21. Hey may I know which restaurant did you go to for the Bacon omelette curry rice? It looks appetising! :D