Too optimistic?

January 12, 2011

Something happened today in camp.

But I don't know why I'm feeling okay about it? Maybe I'm too optimistic? Which really scares me cause I think I'm too over optimistic almost about everything!

Anyway, might blog it out tonight when I come back home!

I'm going to give away this blue ipod (inspired?) earpiece!

All you have to do is (3 easy steps)...

1. Join my Facebook Page!

2. Post on the wall telling me "What is the current phone (brand) TYPICALBEN is using now?"!

3. Then wait for the results to be out, on the
Facebook Page!

Dateline for this is: 16th January 2011, 23:59!

Winners will be choosen randomly and will be announced on the Facebook Page itself! And will be asked to provide their email address after the results is out!


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