Yay! My Stefanie Sun is back!!!!

February 10, 2011

Some of you might not know, but those who have been with me long enough since I started blogging or know me in real life know that I'm actually alittle crazy fanboy of her!

But I'm not that crazy now already luh!

Its so funny that whenever I bump into my primary school friends, and they get to talk to me or see me right, the first thing they will say or ask is "you still like Sun Yan Zi?" or things like, "the Stefanie Sun fan". Hahaha! That makes me so shy lor! And yes, I've been listening to her songs since primary school and is already a big fan since her first debut album!

I admit I was very crazy over her when I was younger, like I actually went to join her fanclub!

I know right! But the thing is I met 2 great friends there and we have been contacting till now! And I also attended her autograph sessions (I remember only 3 times!) For Leave, Stefanie and Perfect Day album, which the last one is with the fanclub! But after that I think its too ridiculous to queue like mad for it and I don't see any point so I stop going!

I bought everything related to her, all her cds, vcd (last time what), dvds, magazines (if I know or see them), newpaper articles, stickers, posters, music book, notebook etc.

Aiya! Literally as long as everything that is related to her I'll confirm buy one!

That's how crazy I am in my primary and secondary school days!

And obviously, as her fan I know all her songs by heart and if you ask me to sing any of them now, I can! One of the most funny incident is when I saw her at MUJI shopping years back when I was still working there and she was so friendly! I got her to sign my fanclub card and we shook hands! No pictures were taken though cause she rejected! Bah! But nevertheless its awesome still!

I was so starstruck that time lor!

Another one will be attending her concerts! One time was with the fanclub which is many years back, another one is just 2 years back where I brought ran along to it!

She never failed to wow me with her vocals!

People always ask me saying why do I see in her and crazy over her so much? She also not pretty or hot or whatever! But I don't know, I just really like her songs and all her songs can really touched me and can relate to! She also inspires me alot! Really alot!

She's someone that thinks alot and every words by her is like an awesome quote and the things she says are really meaningful, some of which you might not even think about!

Being such a big fan last time, or even now...

Though I'm not as crazy now already, but after waiting for 4 years for new album to be release by her, she will be finally having a new album on 1st March 2011!!!!!!

I think its something that all her fans or even you might not be, but if you love her songs, should be excited about! I'm seriously disappointed in mandopop these recent years!

But I'm sure she's not going to let me down!

Here's a CF for the new upcoming album:

Are you excited yet? I am!

I'll confirm go and buy on the first day when the album is release lor! As usual of what I always did to all her albums! Oh gosh! Why am I even typing all these! Being in camp really makes me go mad!

Love, from my blackberry!


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  1. Actually it's nice reading wordy entries from you!! I think its quite interesting to read. Haha. :D

  2. Anonymous9:07 pm

    I like more words from you =D with some photos in between.

  3. Hello! Didn't know you'd joined YZ unlimited FC too! =)