Puma Social Club

April 20, 2011

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What??!! You mean you don't know about Puma Social Club yet?!!

Puma Social Club is about 'after-hours' social activities! It's about recognising the joyful moments of everyday life that are turned into sports! And Puma launched a Social Club Tour where they will go to several popular bars, clubs and retail stores in Singapore to do some 'after-hours' sports!

And I've been to 2 of them, come let me show you guys what is it like...

Puma Social Club media launch party @ Blu Jaz Café!




Me! All dressed up in Puma gears!



We drink, play Foosball or even Ping Pong!



With Jayne & Pegs!



There's also Puma lifescore board there too!

It's pretty cute! As it's an online and mobile program that allows us to keep a running score on any competition that we like! I just created one too! Come vote vote vote!

Come and vote for the colours of your life!


While everyone is excited about the Foosball game...


I sat there quietly to camwhore! Hahahahaha!


Another one! And it's a really fun night with great music!

Puma Social Club store party @ ION Orchard!


Just like few weeks back, I attend the store party over at PUMA ION Orchard!


With the owners of Puma ION Orchard store!


Love how they deco up the place! Pretty!




Took a picture of myself with everyone at the back playing Foosball & Ping pong!


Everyone watching the exciting Foosball match!

And I did play too okay, though I'm not very good at it! Hahahahahaha!

I didn't really have the chance to play it before, and after I tried playing over at the 2 'after-hours' party, it doesn't seems as hard as it would be lor! If you play with your friends sure damn fun one!


I think this jacket is really pretty! Love the colours! Retailing at $89 only!

Puma Social Club store party @ Limited Edt, MBS!






Wanna join us in the next Social Club party?

You can!!!!

This time round, I'll be giving away 2 pairs of finale passes to the Finale Party over at Old School (which is by invite only) on 21st April, 8pm! It will be really fun!

Just simply leave a comment below with your Name & Contact no. naming:
(Comments will be moderated so don't worry about leaving your phone number down! And we will give you a call to inform you if you're the winner, since the event is tomorrow yea!)

"Either 1 of the PUMA Social sports that is being played throughout the parties!"

Come join us over at the party and you will be given a PUMA Social Card which looks like this....


This is the card where you can play the "You Got The Balls" challenge!

All you have to do is just to collect as many balls as possible, like by playing Foosball or Ping pong with your friends or participating in the Best Pick-up line challenge online here!

And you might ask, why and what's in for me if I play the challenge right?!

Obviously, there is prizes!!!

(1 winner + 3 friends win the opportunity to be styled and decked out in the latest Puma gear to attend the Finale Party hosted by Puma Social Club! And the top 10 contestants with the most number of balls collected at the Finale Party will be chauffeured to Zouk by compliments by PUMA SOCIAL for their own after-party at Zouk!)


The magazine shoot for Puma where it's being featured in Style!

And do remember to pop by their Puma Social website,
or their Facebook Page for more details and information!!


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