Tama - Mametchi

April 29, 2011

Feels good to be at home today! Slacking my day off!

Anyway, I was thinking that maybe I should do a permanent bi-weekly or monthly blog post on what I wear and where I get those stuff! Cause many people have been asking on where did I always buy all my apparels and sometimes it's really hard for me to reply all if you guys!

And I super feel like sharing with you people because many or actually most of my stuff are really really affordable and you won't even believe that I bought it for a price like that!

Somemore, what I wear is usually unisex! Which means both my female and male readers can wear and be able related to! So I think it will be good if I do this kind of blog post yea?!

What do you guys think? (And the top I'm wearing below is actually meant to be a ladies' top!)


In the fitting room, trying out clothes!


Breakfast alone before I go for my haircut appointment!


Uses the gift card that people gave it to me! :)


Can't leave the house without them!


Met up with my bff, Angie after that!
Sorry, I look bad here, thus the Mametchi over my face!


Mango sago! Mine is with additional icecream!


Dinner with Angie & Zj after that! But no pictures of us!


Only food! But it doesn't taste that great either!


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  1. Anna May3:10 pm

    Nawhh I love your hair! :D

  2. shermaine12:30 am

    Hi Ben, I'm v curious. Does you and Randy work part time or smth ? as you guys seem rich, being able to buy many stuff etc. thanks.