Lazy Saturday!

July 09, 2011

Feeling super lazy today! So it's a lazy Saturday! ( ´(00)`)

Going to meet up with BMT mates later for ORD gathering, I know right, it's going to be about a month since we ORD but we now then decided to meet up! But not everyone is going though, some closer mates and my bed buddy couldn't make it! Shall meet him separately next time round!

Some pictures before I go and start preparing! :) And I hope you guys are getting used to me updating that frequently now! Hahahaha! It's awesome being able to blog like this!


Is this the first proper picture you guys see on my blog with my new hair?


With Esther over at OCBC event! Where she took a video of me here!


Supper with mummy after that! I love watermelon ice! :D


Pork chop!


Saw this cute orangey kids corner over at Paragon!


I love it when cars go under the tunnel road!


Ending off with my orange polka dots lip gloss, which I throw it away already!


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  1. lala~8:29 pm

    hi may i know where is the supper place you went to?

  2. Terence11:49 pm

    HI im so curious about your earnings and expenses. How you not working now or maybe earning some from blog and you can spend on what you want so freely. I have some problems on spending eventhough im working and earn for myself.