My invisalign journey

August 31, 2011

Something that is life changing moment (to me) is going to happen soon! *ques dramatic music*

As you all know that recently, I did somehow complain about how annoying my front teeth is, cause one of it is actually alittle crooked! And it's affecting me pretty much because sometimes it's kinda obvious on pictures or even videos that in some angle, my teeth is crooked! Booooo!

Which then, I'm more conscious about it and slowly feel that my smile isn't that awesome anymore!


Although I didn't really have a problem with how my teeth look since young cause it was quite alright, cause my top row used to be really fine! I don't know whether is it because I played the saxophone, which causes one of my front tooth to turn crooked or what, but it wasn't that bad when I was younger!

But my bottom row of teeth is pretty crooked (I don't think anyone of you have seen it before yet right?) which is still, kinda okay to me cause I don't usually show them what!

And I know after saying this, some of you people will sure say that my teeth looks okay and it looks fine!

So here I have a picture of crooked front teeth for you guys to see how bad it actually is:


Yes, it's actually that bad!

And this annoying one crooked front teeth will always reflect light, and will be very 'pop out' when I take pictures from certain angle (left side of my face)! So it's really getting on my nerves and I thought I really should do something about it! Not forgetting I have pretty crooked bottom row of teeth as well!

Which one of the fact about having crooked/crowded teeths is that, it's very hard to brush or even floss (I've experienced it for my bottom row of teeth so I know)! And prolong of it will lead to tooth decay or other dental problems! Which obviously is not what I wanted lah! So yes, I must do something!


I don't really want to do braces because I am..... vain! HAHAHAHAHA!

Okay, that's pretty much of the reason, cause I'm scared I'll look bad and I also don't think my teeth are that serious to do braces leh! So luckily, there's another treatment which is call the invisalign!


Teeth with invisalign teeth aligner on!

The aligners are completely transparent which makes it hard to even let people notice that you're wearing them! Which is really a good thing for those who wanted to straighten their teeth and yet don't want to wear traditional braces due to all sorts of reasons, be it work or just purely, vain like me! Hahaha!

And I'm so happy that I'm doing this invisalign treatment with Omni Dental Centre!


Second visit over at their dental centre!


Love it that they have a lounge area too!

So as I said it's my second visit cause the first time I went, they already did x-ray and dental impression of my teeth (something like a mould lah)! So this time round, I'm going to see my orthodontics, Dr Loh as he will explain to me clearly in detail about the treatment and to do another dental impression!


Super cute! They played Alvin and the Chipmunks for me to watch while I wait for Dr Loh!

Which it will still be played throughout the whole dental session for you to watch! Awesome for people who feels bored or needs something to distract them if they're scared! Hahahaha!


Doing dental impression!


Got bored while waiting for the mould to set, so I randomly snap around!


Then to the bottom row of teeth!

And I must say that Dr Loh and his team are really nice and with loads of patience!

The nurses there are super caring and friendly which makes you feel so comfortable and happy even when I've to stretched my mouth big to do the mould! Hahaha! And Dr Loh took time to explain to me in detail of the treatment and keep stopping once in awhile to check if I've any questions that I'm in doubt with!

That's something I'm looking for and what we all need to look for when wanting to do dental treatment!

To sidetrack abit....

Cause I actually had a bad experience with other clinic before, where the doctor rush into things and want me to decide on the treatment that I want immediately which is ridiculous cause he didn't even give me time to think and not to say, explain it in detail to me at all! Siao one lor!

Imagine you're gonna pay so much for it and you obviously expect a great service and need to feel comfortable with your orthodontics as well right?! Glad I'm with Omni Dental now!


The 3 dental impression that will be sent to overseas!

Where they will then come back in about 2 weeks time, with 3D models of my teeth on the computer, on how the aligners will move my teeth to the final position! I can't wait! *excited*

I'll continue my invisalign journey up here on my blog the next time I visit them! Bye for now!
Tel: 6737 7375

p/s: Do feel free to ask any questions that you might have and I'll answer them the next entry, or if not you can give them a call at the number above for faster and instant reply! ;)


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  1. Angelina Crizal6:09 am

    Hey Ben! A question not related to your post, WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE??? (>w<)! And you really look like a Korean!! :O! Stay cute, handsome ad happy always! (^^D)

  2. Anonymous11:15 am

    Nice ! Hey I am doing braces at OmniDental ! This is my 4th year (serious case) there and my Dr Eugene Loh is my orthodontist too !

    He is a really awesome orthodontist. Never once did I see him in a bad mood. He is always laughing and joking with his assistants but at the same time remain professional, knowledgeable and dedicated to my care. I think he gives lectures to NUS Dentistry students too. And during rare days when there are lesser customers, he'll ask more about me and we'll have a very nice and engaging conversation.

    You're in safe hands. :D

  3. selineq12:37 pm

    how much does it cost for the <span> invisalign?</span>

  4. Shirley12:59 pm

    How much is the <span>invisalign treatment?

  5. Anonymous7:19 pm

    are you sponsor for this ?
    if it able t do invislign for only th upper teeth ??

  6. Playing Sax will not likely to make the teeth go out of shape but brasses will so, yep ... thanks for sharing this. May consider doing too HAHA =) 

  7. Macchan2:30 am

    I'm such a baby when it comes to dentist; just see those pics makes my heart beat faster. TT hahaha

    ey your teeth aren't so bad! yaeba adds to cuteness :p