New hair colour, going blonde-r!

October 31, 2011


Went for a dye to a lighter colour about 3 weeks back!

Though it's still not the colour I want yet, so I'm going back to dye it soon to even a lighter shade cause in real life it's still alittle bit yellow (I think)! Oh! And its the also the first time I bleach my hair too!

And I think it's quite okay leh? I mean not really painful as what people seems to say that it will be!

Just that it takes super long!!!! Like including my hair cut, it takes about 4 hours?


They also given me this Flowing Form (smoothing balm) from Wella!

Okay, but before that I think that I look kinda weird here though! :/

SO ANYWAY, you guys can also see my invisalign attachments too (which somehow is abit obvious here due to the angle of the picture)! So back to the smoothing balm, it's actually pretty useful cause I was telling my stylist I wanted something to smoothen my hair and he suggest I should use this!

Which actually works, wtf! I just put it on when my hair is wet and when it's dry, it really soft and smoother than what it usually is! I think it's especially good for people who always colour hair lor!

Or people who have dry hair like me! Hahahaha!


p/s: Proper pictures with my new hair soon k! I can't wait to blog properly and spam you guys with loads of pictures! Bah! Now I'm feeling so dead from exams, last paper tomorrow though! xx

p/p/s: Okay, and for those who are wondering, actually there's no particular why the cute corn in my pictures above cause I just edited it in for fun! But it's cute what, right?!


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  1. anon.9:07 pm

    i swear you'll look good in blue contact lens instead of black!

  2. Anna May2:03 pm

    I think you look sexier with black hair. :3

  3. I agree with Anna May! I also think your suit darker colours. :)