Cause I'm sick of being skinny!

November 15, 2011

Yes, I just suddenly got really sick of being so skinny!

I think like many people are gonna kill me for that, cause I know right, alot of my friends (especially girls) have been telling me how they wish they have my body because I'm tad skinny and I can never grow fat even if I eat alot! I do think I eat quite abit sometimes cause I can keep munching on small bites even though I had my proper meals and on top of that I always confirm eat supper one!

But I don't know is it because I always skipped breakfast that's why I never grow fat, since everyone say breakfast is like the most important meal of all! But I don't really think that's the reason?


It has come to me that I suddenly feel very bored of being skinny ALTHOUGH I must say I do love my current size now and I think it's awesome cause I can wear alot of different clothing (including ladies apparels) that I like! And I always think that it's OKAY to be skinny because it's much better than being fat right? And skinny people can also bring out their own style and dressing not necessarily need to be those muscular kind what! YES, I'VE ALWAYS BEEN STANDING SO STRONG ON THIS POINT!

And one of the thing that annoyed me most is those muscular guys (dragonboat etc.) who has a fucking huge ego just because their body is muscular but when their looks are like.... bleh?

You know, those egoistic kind, thinking their hot or whatever because they got the body but sadly without looks? I'm not trying to insult people or what but I just cannot stand it when you don't have the looks but only the body, and you act like you're so fucking arrogant! Like wtf, got body so what?!!

Not saying those who are good looking and with hot body lah, but if you don't look good and yet have a nice body then you're actually just average (or maybe below average) only!

If you see those pageant contest, you can always see that those guys don't necessarily good look, but because of their nice body they are in those pageant right? So I don't see why those people can get egoistic about it? I mean I remember I did say before, on this entry on how people will rate and judge us guys based on our appearance! I think I'll paste it here since I think it's very much related!

Quoted from my previous entry in 2010:

Good looking + Skinny = Pass
(At least your face looks good, so passable!)

Good looking + Fat = Fail
(Unless you slim down, but if not, the world is so superficial!
If you're fat, usually people won't notice you, or notice you for the wrong reason!)

Good looking + Muscular = Perfect
(What can I say? Nothing but.. Perfecto!)

Ugly + Skinny = Fail
(Sorry, if you're skinny and look horrible... OUT!)

Ugly + Fat = Fail
(The world is practical! Sorry!)

Ugly + Muscular = Pass
(Even if you don't like the looks, but you got the body and size, you're counted as
passable cause it covers and make it up for it! And some girls love it!)

Okay, it's just a sudden rant because I really cannot stand those people who are so disgustingly egoistic! Not that anyone offended me directly or what but it kinda annoying when I've friend's friend who are like that or people around me who are like that! Seriously!

And back to the topic of me being skinny!

I know I'll be contradicting myself if I say I wanna be more built, as in not those muscular kind but maybe more like, lean fit kind? But it doesn't hurt to try though! Aiya! I'm still not sure yet cause I don't think it's that easy too! Need alot of determination one eh! Shall see! It doesn't kill to remain the way I am also!

But if I succeed, I think everyone's gonna be surprised! ;)



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  1. Gunila6:45 pm

    What do you mean by looks? Do you mean pretty/handsome face, pleasent face features?
    sooo, you are goig to put on some muscules, I think you'll look gerat!

  2. Anonymous7:34 pm

    omg, im like totally agree with you! ugly with hot bod merely fetches a subpass~!

  3. Anonymous7:34 pm

    omg, im like totally agree with you! ugly with hot bod merely fetches a subpass~!

  4. Anynomous10:31 pm

    I guesssssss those egoistic Dragonboat peeps with very muscular bods are kinda proud and arrogant is because they put in a lot of effort in building up their body. I tried gymming once with them and the next day my body felt like it couldn't move thanks to all the aches. So I kinda understand why they are proud of their body coz it's like their achievement (not to mention that they have to adhere to a strict diet)... But then of course there are also people with good bod and are very friendly and nice..

    Btw it would be nice if you have a bulkier Rain that kind..would be awesome.. but pls dun eat those protein powder... :p

  5. totally agree with you! hmm maybe you can exercise or something then maybe you'll get some muscle so you won't be so skinny? :O

  6. dude, you seemed to be inferring that you belong to the category where you're skinny but still goodlooking. you need to know that you look nothing but sissy. nobody gives a fuck about how you look other than your 'sistas'. SERIOUSLY. you are one huge egoistic loser too. and btw stop acting like you're straight. you have no idea how gay you are.

  7. Ashley9:31 pm

    Hi I know egoist people are irritating but everyone deserve to be embraced for who they are. I am rather upset when you bring out the fact that ugly people are failures. I mean come on the world needs more love. What about all those people who have eating disorders or those people who cut themselves just because they are not "perfect"? What about those who are really keen on changing themselves yet people like you just kept dissing them. Grow a heart. Seriously maybe if you are really frustrated about those people being overly egoistic, the best way is to simply ignore them and show that you are not in their league but of a higher calibre. 

  8. It is hard to be a perfecto!
    From what i observe:
    Usually guys with good body shape, do not look so good!
    And guys with good looks, don't usually have good body shape!
    What do you think?
    Curious about what do you think of the girls? Mind sharing;)

  9. Aren't you egoistic too because you know (think) that you look good?