I PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 01, 2011


I was so super scared when I woke up just now, was freaking shivering before I checked my results! I slept at 6am and woke up at 10am with friends bombing my phone about the results and I was so nervous all these while!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm feeling very lucky and happy to be able to pass all!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG. Still cannot believe it!!!!

Cause I thought I'm gonna fail as I didn't manage to do 2 of my papers, by didn't managed to do means it's really gone case kind! And I'm so happy cause my crazy effort to study so damn hard actually get paid off! Like how I used to study like siao before the exams period and I mean siao is really like siao!

I will head out to study until 4am or even later then go back home, sleep and when I wake up, I will go out straight to study again! Where it becomes a routine and I'm like a crazy study freak that period!!!!!!!!!!

And this time round I'm so stressed that I even cried while I was memorising halfway studying for my marketing paper! Cause I really felt stupid that I cannot memorise anything in and the textbook is so thick, wtf. I just suddenly burst into tears cause I never been so stress before!

And you also cannot imagine how nervous I was for my first paper for accounting! I nervous until I diarrhea for 2 times during the paper itself! 2 TIMES LEH!!! It's really mad!!!!!!!!!!!

I really did studied super hard for it, cause bffs and family are really shocked to see me studying like that!

Bffs even say that they never see me study so hard in my life before! Cause during poly days I would just anyhow read through then go for my exams already! But I'm so serious this time round cause I really don't wanna fail and repeat and waste money and of course, waste time! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

I actually passsssssssssss!!!!!!!!

It's unbelievable! Sorry to be so dramatic but I'm really happy!

Thanks to those who believed and supported me! And you guys too!!! All your good luck (where you all wished me) does help! Thanks to my uni mates as well! OMG! Love y'all loads!! I love everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Gisella6:40 pm

    I'm so happy for you! Now I wish I could pass my exams eheh

  2. MariaMay7:34 pm

    Congratulation!!! Shows that hard work pays offf ^^

  3. You've done well BROTHER!!! All the success to you & congratulations!!! :D :D :D

  4. Congrats!! Been an avid fan of your blog!! Seriously, i think you should do a hair tutorial or something for us! your hair is way AWESOME omg! :D

  5. summer5:53 pm

    congrats!!!!!!!!!! now you should have time to update more huh hehehe

  6. Anonymous4:38 pm

    where do u study? what course?