Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards'11

January 26, 2012

Come come come new entry again!!!!

So during last year, around mid-December both me and my lil bro went over to KL, Malaysia to attend the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards! And it was quite fun cause it's the first time both of us went overseas together, though it's just Malaysia (I know right lol!) and even so, I did brought Ran around to shop over at KL since I'm kinda familiar with the place and we had loads of fun as well as arguing for quite abit!

Okay, so some of the highlights were...

(You can skip this part if you're just here for pictures, scroll down superficial!!)

1. We were the first to reach at the meeting point (where the coach will fetch us to KL) in the morning than the rest of the bloggers (super rare sight okay cause we are always late! Hahahaha! Not like it's a thing to be proud of, but yea hahaha #justsaying cannot is it?!!!!).

2. Ran being super dumb that day, upon entering the hotel room went to use my fungus infection solution and use it as eyes drop and drop the fungus infection solution into his eyes while I was showering wtf!!!!!! You know how crazy it is, super scary cause his eyes were super red and he say it's like burning! Siao one lor! Luckily nothing happened after washing his eyes with water!

3. Me being drama, teared while we were shopping at KL cause I suddenly miss my mum (HAHAHAH! So embarrassing!!) and I kept thinking of her! Hahahah! Ran totally think I'm acting lor wtf.

4. DIDN'T GET TO BRING RAN TO EAT SNOWFLAKE! We went 15 mins before they close and they told us we cannot buy already cause it's close??! Super angry and so I didn't get to eat as well! :(

5. Last minute went to book air tickets back to Singapore just few hours before our flight cause Ran say he don't wanna sit the coach back as it's pretty much torturing, which I cannot agree further.


Me after I'm done dressing up for the ceremony in our hotel room!

And I had my hair done by 76Style that day and they permed it for me!!! Nice not??!!!


With Ran! Both of us wearing the same simple white top!


Love the platform shoes I bought over at JB!

But it's way too small for me (no size already so I bought one size smaller T_T) and it hurts so bad when I walk so I only wore it once! Super wasted I know, and I bought 2 pairs somemore in different colour and design! SADD! But I think Ran can wear so it's not that bad.....


Before heading down!


With Wendy, Cheesie, Huiwen & Qiuting before the ceremony starts!



Was busy eating so not much pictures taken lol!


With Valerie and Esther!


Us back in the hotel room after that and we skipped the after-party at Zouk
cause we were way too tired but we recorded some videos before we slept though! Heh!


I was too hungry and we ordered for room service! Chicken cutlet!


Show you guys the hotel room!




The next day! On the coach while we hitch a ride to KLCC to start our shopping!


Touch your nose with me? *wink*




With Ran!


Esther took a picture of us, grabbed it from her blog lol!


Me again!


Typical pose, with the KLCC tower! Hahaha!

After shopping at KLCC for awhile, we took a cab down to shop at Berjaya Times Square, Sungei Wang Plaza, Lot10plus some other small malls... then ending stop at The Pavilion!


Yes, over at Pavilion!


As we tried to camwhore with the pretty Christmas tree at the back....


Dining over at Madam Kwan's for dinner!


Went to try it because previously my friends told me that their nasi lemak is nice
and famous(? true not?) but I think it's just so-so only leh!


And then, it's the next day again! Hahaha!

Woke up super early and booked a cab to the airport for the flight back to Singapore!!!!!!


Had a quick breakfast after checking in!



Saw this and we said... "Fuck you ya!" together! Hahahah!


While waiting to board the plane!


Last picture where we are on the plane!

AND THAT CONCLUDES THIS ENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, tomorrow morning I'll have to head back to camp for some mob briefing thing! It's been so long since I wore my army uniform already man! Super sian but luckily I think it's for awhile only! And now I'm wondering if my coloured hair can go in not! Lololol! Till tomorrow! Bye!


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  1. Eggs in croissants? I have to try that someday..