A bee in my room!

February 05, 2012

As I'm typing this, there's a bee in my room! >:(

And I've to like keep avoiding it by bending down and moving my body around cause I'm scared it will sting me cause it's flying so freaking low wtf. I think it's gonna die soon or something lor, le sigh.

I don't know why but it seems that my room seems to attract alot of insects knn!

Like seriously! Spiders, cockroaches, bees and the ones which I'm less worried about, lizards, moth. Not that my room is in a really dirty state (to me it's relatively clean lah, but not like 100% clean kind, maybe like 65%? hahahaha!), so I wonder why always only my room got all these insects lor!

Which most of you must have know that I detest cockroaches the most and especially those flying ones!

Can you believe it happened to me once that a cockroach actually RAN PAST MY TOPLESS BODY WHEN I WAS ALSEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so fucking gross cause I don't usually wear a top at home and it actually ran past me like wtf and I felt something moving on my body and I wake myself up and see a cockroach right beside my bed!!!!!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE IT NOT????!!!!!!

Super phobia of it now and I actually closed my windows, sealed every night because of that! Cause usually all the insects especially the fucking cockroaches fly through in from my window and in order to prevent it I always close my window every night I sleep, until I nearly died from not having enough oxygen wtf.

But then recently I started to open again because it makes my room so stale lor, like really no oxygen.

Stupid cockroaches trying to kill me man dafuq!

Okay, now I don't know what I'm talking about already and why I suddenly talk about insects also hahahaha! Now I'm feeling pretty tired, plus there's school tomorrow (although my lesson is at 3.30pm lol shiok) so I think I should go sleep after I blog finish this entry. Shall end it off with some pictures....





Two, okay done!

Photo 15-1-12 6 01 04 PM`

With Angie! Taken using one of my fav iPhone app, Classic Booth!

Photo 15-1-12 5 53 50 PM`

Another one!!!


Ting and Angie!


Zj and me with a photoshopped orange cap since Zj is wearing one! Lol!
NO LAA! Actually the real reason is cause I'm Scumbag Greg Ben! HAHAHAHA!

If you got read 9gag you will get it, if not nevermind! Just random only!

To end this entry off, free gift you all this one last picture....

I sincerely hope I will not offend them but putting up this picture.. lol!
*Please don't crawl and run over my body when I'm sleeping anymore -prays-*


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  1. Omg funny post!!!

  2. Maybe you can try to put insects screen? so u can open the windows and also prevent the insects from entering via ur windows haha.

  3. Esperadaxy2:35 am

    Got heck of a shock from the cockroach picture D: Ayy, my heart. Life shortened by 10 years!

  4. TriciaG.7:27 pm

    Hi Ben! Can you please teach us or post a tutorial on how to edit photos like yours? I mean how do you edit them? Coz I really like the orange vibe in all of your photos. How do you do that? PLEEEASSSE? :3

  5. Sharon8:21 pm

    Ben!!!! It's not Scumbag Greg!!! It's Scumbag Steve!!!!!!! 
    Greg is Good Guy Greg!!!!!!!! :(