My candy phone

February 29, 2012

Okay, I'm here to show you guys the current state of my phone again!!!!

But it's not really say very current though, cause I just changed my cover again (now I'm using a lime green cover as compared to the bumper you guys will see later)! Hahah! Seriously, the look of my phone is ever changing one okay, I think the frequency of me changing the cover is around every 2 weeks or so!

And I'm showing you people mainly because the other time when I tweeted about my blue screen protector, everyone wants to see pictures of it! Plus, I love my home button now!! :D

Come, let me show you guys......

typicalben cute iphone

Yes this is it! I call it the candy phone for now lol cause the colours like so candylicious!

typicalben phone

Front view!

Basically it's just a orange bumper, with blue glitter screen protector, with a 'eyes sticker' on the home button and some random tiny french fries stickers at the bottom right! Hahahah!

And the 'eyes sticker' is not really meant for home button one, but it fits and it looks really cute!!!

typicalben phone back

Back view!

But I don't really like to use bumper though (I prefer normal cases to it), but that time I was using it plainly because I just wanna show the back of the protector that it's also blue as well, so yea!

blue glitter screen protector typicalben phone

And to show you the glitter/diamond screen!!!

I love glitter or some people called it diamond screen protector, and previously I was already using it but it's the normal clear kind not coloured one! And when I know this blue coloured protector on top of it there's still glitter, I was like....... okay, totally must buy! Hahahaha!!

blue glitter screen protector typicalben

A closer view under the lights!

blue diamond screen protector typicalben

Lol! A even closer one!

blue glitter screen protector back typicalben phone

And actually the back it's also with glitter one! But cannot really see from this picture!

asparagus terrapin on typicalben phone

With the cute lil Asparagus on my phone!!!

asparagus terrapin on typicalben iphone

Anyone (except me) also sees that he is smiling at the camera???! He is right!! HAHA!

terrapin on typicalben phone

Okay, last picture of Asparagus with my phone!

typicalben iphone

That's all! So what do y'all think, do you guys like it or what! :)


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  1. 彡 Δ₥aηḓa ツ8:22 pm

    Cutee! ^^

  2. Trollolo10:27 pm

    love it sooo much!!!!

  3. Anonymous7:50 pm

    What camera are you using now?

  4. Hi, I'm wondering where did you get your glittery blue screen protector? Many thanks in advance!

  5. typicalben2:25 am

    Orchard, Cine!

  6. Anonymous10:08 pm

    is it ok if i steal the pic with the terrappin?