Need to bring my camera out next time already

March 12, 2012

Note: All pictures in this entry are taken by my iPhone.

typicalben pretty phonewhore

Wooohoo, just gonna post up some pictures taken by my phone throughout the days, and actually there's more to it but I decided not to post them up after I finished edited and uploaded them (like wasting my time right -_-), because the quality for those is really lousy and to a extent I think quite ugly.

But what to do, I'm so lazy to bring my camera out lately! *le sigh*

I think next time I'm just gonna mobile upload them lah, and for those pictures that I've mobile uploaded I'll try not to double post them up here again unless it's something very chio or sort.

stranded lost typicalben

Took this shot and posted on Path while I'm otw travelling to NUS!

Meeting Kx over at NUS because Ting is going to receive an award, so both of us wanted to go down support her. And I went down after school myself, since Kx is also studying there, so like okay...

kx typicalben

With Kx, seated and waiting for the awards ceremony to start.

nus awards

Apparently she's the top for one of her module, so proud of her!

ting awards

The best shot I've gotten of her -_-, since I didn't bring my camera along that day.

kx ting typicalben -

We then went to Holland V for dinner!
(and yes, I blurred my face cause I think I look kinda bad there)

typicalben phonewhore

In schoooooooooooool...

sim lecture

During one of our lecture.

cute lecturer

My lecturer excuse for missing one lecture the other time, quite cute huh!
But since when Valentine's Day is a day to forgive and forget? Lol!

cute lucas

Ending off this entry with my cute baby cousin, Lucas!


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