Hello! Model student here lol!

August 13, 2012

typicalben in ash mauve purple hair

Taken this picture one week back!

So I just got home home from celebrating mummy's birthday! :D

Had such a great dinner with family, super full as well (we had international buffet hehe)!

Will blog about it another day, after I get the pictures from Ran cause it's all taken using his camera! Anyway, on another note; I feel that I've been so diligent lately, cause I've been trying to study almost everyday for my up coming test which is on this Thursday! Yes, trying only..... as it always end up that I only managed to read through just afew page from the textbook for one whole day!

Talking about being efficient huh! But it's abit kuazhang today cause when I woke up right, I immediately took the textbook to my bed and read it wtf. I'm somehow quite shocked by my own action lololol! Still until now I haven't really finish studying though, still got few more chapters to goooo! -__-

Okayokay, just a random update for now! I'll update again soon, gotta go do my advert now! Bye!! ;)


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