A mini tour around Omni Dental Centre!

September 03, 2012

You know while I was showering today, and when I looked into the mirror and saw the current state of my teeth right..... I feel really glad, happy, thankful and touched (lol really filled with all these emotions) that I actually did invisalign treatment with Omni Dental Centre! (read all the entries of my invisalign journey here)

And it's not just today that I actually felt this way, but very often for every other day when I see my teeth in the mirror and how it had slowly change to become straighter over the days! :')

typicalben for omni dental centre tour entry post

Well, I'm always happy to hear you people telling me about the great experience (no matter past or present) that you guys had over at Omni Dental Centre cause it makes me feel like..... "yes we made the right choice!" lololol! Thanks to the experienced team of specialists all under one roof!

And I also know that alot of people are deciding or considering or even have questions about the treatment that you wanted! Plus I think the most asked question is about the pricing of the invisalign treatment as well... but for that I'm not really in the best position to answer you cause it really depends on individual, so it would be the best if you guys could give Omni Dental Centre a call or go for consultation!

Or you could check out the FAQ entry that I did previously to see if it answer some of your question!

Alright, as what the title says... this entry I shall take you on a mini tour around Omni Dental Centre! I always wanted to show you guys how is it like inside, so yeah~ Here we goooooooooo!

omni dental centre tour reception

The reception area, where I'm always greeted by the friendly staff once I step in!

omni dental centre tour seats

This is the lounge waiting area! Oh yes, and that's my bag there hahaha!

omni dental centre tour tv newspaper

Over at the lounge area there's tv to watch, magazines or newspaper to read while waiting!

omni dental centre tour drinks

And we can also grab a packet of fruit juice (without sugar) if we like!

omni dental centre tour coffee tea

And we can even make gourmet coffee or tea if we didn't want fruit juice!

omni dental centre tour imac

And here's the iMac which is saturated behind for all the patients to use!

Also they have free wifi connection around the dental centre too!!! Ahhhh and that's the reason why I always see people using their laptop to do their work while patiently waiting for their turn!

omni dental centre tour

The consultation room where meet our orthodontist or specialist!

Yup, and that's pretty much for the mini tour!!!

Weeee! So if you guys interested in invisalign treatment or have any questions, you can give Omni Dental Centre a call at 6737 7375! And also, you can visit their website for more details too!

That's all for now, will update you guys about my teeth again soon! :D


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