About getting food poisoning and exams in 2 weeks!

October 07, 2012

Hello guys! Some of you might know that I fell really really ill since Monday as I've been running to the toilet, having massive diarrhoea and also vomited once! I think this is the first time I ever almost fainted because of diarrhoea and worse is that straight after diarrhoea for 3 times, I vommited!!

It's really too over and so many times (about 15 in less than a day) until I don't have the energy to stand up and all I could do is to lie on my bed! I totally dragged myself down to see the doctor with daddy holding onto me as I didn't have energy to stand at all! After seeing it, he said it's something like virus (like food poisoning?) and asked me to take the meds and rest! So now I'm getting so much better but I still don't know why I feel ever bloated still! And I've only been eating only 1 meal a day wtf. ONE LEH!

Very very very torturing for me cause I love to eat and keep eating non-stop!!!!! Hope I can recoever really soon! And those who showed their concern over at Twitter all these while, thanks! So much love! ;)

Another thing is, I've been so worried sick when I fell ill these few days cause I'll be having my final exams for this semester in less than 2 weeks time and I SWEAR ON ALL MY ORANGE STUFF THAT I HAVE that I haven't start studying at all! Fml x100000000000000000! - I'm so scared!!!!!

As you all know I'm always very very stressed and very worried over all my exams one, and I always go MIA on my blog during study break period cause I'll be mugging like mad cow cause I must and have to pass all my modules!!!! And this semester I'm having 4 marketing modules which is totally insane!!!

And I wanted to start studying on Monday one but really freaking unlucky I fell so ill and keep diarrhoea until I cannot study, so I literally wasted a week! When all my friends are studying like mad all along! :(

I don't know, but I'll start tomorrow! I hope it's not too late!!!!

No, it's NEVER too late! Positive thoughts all the way! I can do it if I chiong one right everyone? :) I hope those of you guys who are studying for exams now can work hard too! We will work hard together!!!!!

That's all from me for now I guess! Leaving with you all 3 pictures that I've taken (of myself lololol) over at MBS room during Ran's birthday party the next morning when I just woke up! Bye! X

typicalben at mbs with skyline at the back 3

typicalben at mbs with skyline at the back 2

typicalben at mbs with skyline at the back 1

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!


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  1. Anonymous12:25 pm

    love your positive attitude!! you're right, its NEVER too late to start as long as you've got the motivation and determination! bestest luck ben!!!!!!

  2. Yes! Never too late!

    So crazy. I start studying only a few days before my exams! Maybe I should studying studying earlier as well O_O