People only see the results, but not the process.

October 16, 2012

Just a sudden random thought that came through my mind while I was walking back home earlier (at 7am wtf cause I was trying to study the whole of last night), that I think many of us tend to just look at the end results instead of the process. I mean like we always never think about how much effort people put in, in doing things but when they fail or did it badly, we will judge them or blame them etc.

Or the most, we will remain neutral about it which I think is the best among the options already.

What I'm trying to say that instead of blaming/judging or be neutral about it, shouldn't we praise them or encourage them or thank them for the effort they have put in, into doing those stuff?

For example; if someone did badly for exams and maybe fail some of his modules, the first thought that come into your mind will be... "Oh! He/she sure never study hard or never study at all!".

But did you ever thought about how much effort he/she actually put in to study and prepare for the exams? Yet you just plainly judge them like that?


Or if you asked your friend to help you buy something as he's going overseas for holiday and the stuff that you want only can be bought over there, and if your friend came back and tell you that he/she didn't managed to buy it. And you feel alittle disappointed and say.... "Oh it's okay then, thanks!".

I know you will sure feel alittle disappointed if it's something that you really want, and if you put high hopes that your friend sure will help you to get it. But maybe you need to know that your friend might had also gone through much effort to help you find the stuff that you wanted when he/she was supposingly to be there enjoying themselves? I know you already said thanks, but at the back of your mind maybe you won't even think about all the trouble that they might go through to help you isn't it?

All the above are just examples (not that it happened to me before okay lolol) that somehow convey the message clearer on what I'm trying to say. I just feel that we should appreciate and be thankful if people tried to help us regardless of anything but then eventually failed. Or be encouraging and praise them when they have done badly for the stuff that they are trying to do in their life cause we need to acknowledge their effort, time and hard work that they put into it! Oh! And don't be so quick to judge people as well!

Remember! Don't always just only see the results, we also gotta see the process too! ;)


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  1. I agree. It reminds me of my math exam which is by far my strongest subject, I studied and studied, but for some reason I blacked out when I had to present myself.

    I went out crying and everybody assumed that I must have not studied, lied about studying and all sorts of things. End results are important, but the effort you put into things are also important.!

    - sally