If the world ends tomorrow, this will probably be the last entry.

December 20, 2012

Hahaha! So how many people here believe that the world is really going to end tomorrow? -_-

Not me hor, I seriously don't believe it at all! But who knows right, we cannot predict the future or anything as well. Thus there's still possibility that we might all die all together wtf. So just in case we all really die tomorrow right, here's a last entry you will be ever reading from my blog! And thankyou for reading! :p

But if the world is seriously going to end, I hope it end it all at one shot instead of having disaster here and there slowly killing everyone which last for few days kind, you know! One shot everyone die together and human race just extinct from the earth, so it's not that torturing. It's so heartbreaking to see people dying from natural disaster or sort! :( Okay, I should stop sounding like the world is going to end lololol....

typicalben blur cab secla double

Went out with Zj to catch up and also to get a new camera before I head for my Taiwan trip!

you set my world on fire top typicalben

Setting the world on fire~ Boooomm~!

zj at spotlight

Shopping over at Spotlight!

sushi 1

Japanese food for lunch! I love super love Cha Soba! :D

sushi 2

Some of the sushi that Zj had! No I don't really like either of them lol!

typicalben and zj camwhore

Finally a picture with my bff! I think he look super good here!

zj blackberry agnes b

Him and his Blackberry.


Went to find my army BMT friend who works in a camera shop to buy my camera!
But I think he never give me much discount leh lolol! Maybe like less $5 only? Hahaha!! T.T

typicalben at mustafa

Then we went over to Mustafa!! We had so much fun there!!!

And the other time I still don't have a portable charger yet (which I bought one there), so we even went to find socket plugs around the shopping mall and plug in our phone charger and charge there omg!!

It was so funny cause we have to pretend that we are looking and is interested with the stuff that is around us when people walk pass us, but we are actually charging my phone lolol!

shopping at mustafa

We bought quite abit of stuff too!!!

soft toys plushies at mustafa

Then we came across this section with alot of soft toys!

And we saw quite abit of Care Bears plushies there, so we asked each other to pick out our favourite one among all the different characters! Then the one he chose was this.....

zj with carebear

The blue colour Care Bear with crescent and star on the tummy one!

typicalben with orange carebears

I just randomly grabbed the one with orange with a heart shaped on the tummy as my favourite lol!

supper indian food

After we are done with Mustafa, we went to have supper opposite it!

indian condiments

The condiments that are on the table which can be used for our food.

indian condiments close up

But with another look of it, errrr... nope, I guess we are not using it.

supper at little india

Waited super super long for my food!!!

Zj ordered egg prata and I ordered mee goreng cause I was craving for it, and mine only came after like 20 minutes wtf? Super long please! Plus both of us were already feeling super tired and sleepy and we couldn't wait to cab home to sleep, so while waiting for it we both were super grumpy hahaha!

egg prata

His egg prata!

mee goreng

The long awaited mee goreng which I finish eating it in less than 5 minutes!

typicalben camwhore at mustafa

Ending off with a selca of me! Till tomorrow, if there is still tomorrow! Hahaha! ;)


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  1. Anonymous10:53 pm

    I like your super big crotch in your header. Looks damn juicy

  2. firstly. ^^ WTF WAS THAT COMMENT LOL.