A mini summary of Febuary 2013

April 03, 2013

Finally I'm done with editing and clearing up all the pictures from super overdue to the most recent ones!! I've been editing them for the whole of yesterday and all the pictures will slowly be posted up soon!

Yay to many many new entries that will be coming up! Which also means that, after that I can go back to edit Taiwan trip pictures and continue blogging from Day 6 onwards! I feel super bad blogging it halfway! Don't worry!!!! I sure will finish blogging it one! I know many of you guys are still waiting for the posts!

Omg anyway, recently I keep feeling very tired and weak wtf. I don't know what happen!!!

I just feel super unhealthy, even though I've been trying to sleep early and have proper meals but I still get tired very very easily. It's like I wake up at 12pm (for example) and I get really tired and wanna sleep at 5pm already!! What kind of nonsense is this!! :( I think I should go exercise soon, it's been so long!

Moving on!!! Below are the pictures of all the events that took place during the month of February!!!

I think February was really a busy month for me cause there's so many events, meetings and school work happening on that month which is kinda crazy! Not that I'm complaining (or maybe I sound like I am but I'm actually not haha) cause I love being busy, especially when it comes to my blog! Hehehe!

cny reunion dinner

Went to grand's place for early cny reunion dinner!

Last time we always will go to both of our grandparent's place (paternal and maternal) for reunion dinner but now we will have our own reunion dinner at home but still go to our maternal side for early reunion!

typicalben grandpa

Candid shot of grandpa! He's looking so cute here lol!

cny lao yusheng family

All of us getting ready to "lao yusheng" (Prosperity Toss), after we had our reunion dinner!

maternal family family photo

A family picture of my maternal side!! And WHY MY LUCAS SO CUTE OMG!

cookie monster typicalben

During the reunion dinner, my cousin (Binghong & Qunyao) also pass me this huge Cookie Monster plushie as they bought it for my birthday present! Super sweet of them and it's really cute right! :D

It's a super super sweet thought that they actually bothered to buy me something cause we never buy for each other stuff before one, so I'm really happy! But omg everyone stop getting me anymore soft toys cause I don't like soft toys at all actually hahaha!! I mean I bought the small size Cookie Monster the other time cause I thought it's really cute and it can be packed into my luggage whenever I travel overseas!

But I think 1 is more than enough, now that I have 2 Cookie Monster plushies (this one is a bigger one) I think it's the maximum already!! I rather people buy for me more practical stuff which I can use lol! :x

h&m kids sweater

Bought for Lucas this sweater from H&M but turns out it's too big for him!
You can see the picture of him wearing it here!

I don't know why but I keep wanting to buy stuff for Lucas whenever I go shopping! Although sometimes he will suddenly say that he don't like me anymore, but it's okay! I still love you Lucas lolol!!!!

Didn't take much pictures for this year Chinese New Year at all so I'm just going to post up 2 pictures to sum up the whole CNY wtf. Ran didn't even bothered to take any pictures, he say he's not gonna blog about CNY at all! Hahaha! So at least I'm not bad already, I still got bring camera when I go for visiting please!

typicalben cny day 1

Chinese New Year Day 1! Which you guys have already seen before from my Instagram!

typicalben cny day 2 with lucas and germaine

Chinese New Year Day 2 with my lil cousin Germaine and Lucas!

Okay, that's all for CNY pictures! Hahaha! Met Esther and Isaac for dinner the other day after school over at Holland Village and we went to try this Korean Restaurant and it turns out to be quite good!

korean soup

And I only took 1 picture that day, which is this lol! But the food is really not bad!

orange iphone cover with studs

Esther randomly bought me a cover too cause she say when she saw it, it reminds her of me lol! She say don't mention about it cause it's very cheap only, but hello! It's the thoughts that counts okay!

radio talk typicalben

Went for a radio interview talk with Ran over at TP!!

typicalben radio talk

Another picture taken from Instagram! Omg I think if you haven't follow me there right, you have to!! Cause it's where all the latest updates are from!! Same goes to Twitter as well!!

delifrance tuna and chicken

Delifrance again!! In love with Delifrance recently!!

youth marketing asia conference talk

Went for Youth Marketing Asia Conference as a speaker during the end of Feb!

name tag youth marketing asia conference talk

My blog manager went together with me as well! It was a really fun session!

typicalben at youth marketing asia conference talk

Me while giving a 90 minutes talk about blogging!

Though it's named as Youth Marketing Asia Conference, the audience that I'm talking to is actually adults!!! They are all the marketing executive, directors or managers from various companies! It's really good to share with them about blogging and I'm really glad that they enjoyed the whole session with laughter!!!

card holder agnès b

My new cardholder from agnès b! Where I put my ez-link and student card!


The month ended off with Nuffnang birthday bash!

nuffnang birthday bash typicalben yina goh randyys typicalben jayne tham

With Jayne, Yina and Ran at the photobooth section!!

nuffnang 6th birthday cake

Happy 6th Birthday Nuffnang!!! Time files, I've been with them for 6 years already!!!

typicalben aries gold watch

Oh and thank you for the watch as well (after doing a short skit impersonating me lolol)!
Just nice when I was thinking of getting a new watch, you guys gave me one! Yay! :D


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