Brunch at Choupinette & Dinner at NeNe Chicken

June 12, 2013

Gonna blog a quick entry before heading out for dinner!! *running late already* :O

Have been meeting Isaac alot recently because he just ORD and he's super free to meet me on weekdays! I need to have more friends who are not working or studying, and is free on weekdays to go brunch and chill with me for now! My bffs, Fingers are all so busy working or in the army! I mean it's just temporary for now because once I graduated and started working, I also won't be free on weekdays anymore! So I should really cherish being student for the time being! Totally love it, especially during the holidays yay!!

Anyone wants to be my friend? We can go brunch together and take loads of pictures! Hahahaha! :'D

typicalben isaac choupinette

Went to Choupinette for brunch the other day!!

drinks choupinette

Our drinks while waiting for our food!


We were the only people there when we went! So awesome right!
It feels like they booked the whole place down just for me! Hahahaha!

typicalben at choupinette

Food is here!!!! Wooooooooohooooo!!

typicalben egg royal choupinette

We both ordered Egg Royal! And it was so good! Yums!!!!

The taste still lingers in my mouth now whenever I see this picture lol! I think it's one of the best eggs benedict I ever had before! Although the plating of the food is not very fancy, it is delicious!! Even Isaac agreed to it okay, but I'm not sure whether were we too hungry at the moment or what hahahaha!

egg royal choupinette

Egg Royal comes with slices of smoked salmon under the poached eggs and hollandaise sauce!

typicalben at choupinette eating

Okay time to eatttttttttttt! :B

tea at choupinette

We then had tea and macarons while chilling over there!

typicalben reading magazine choupinette

Look at this pretentious looking kid! Hahahaha!

typicalben reading choupinette

Yeah was posing for photos but we did really browse through the magazines while having our tea and desserts! It was pretty good to chill there since there wasn't many people around at that time!

typicalben high tea choupinette

One last one!

Macaron choupinette

Macarons with Domo (Isaac's)!

typicalben ootd choupinette

#OOTD breakdown: Top: Printed tee from ONEILL (Surf & Liquid)
Bottom: Mustard shorts from Hurley (Surf & Liquid) - Shoes: Sandals from Birkenstock 

I love the shorts alot and I keep wearing it recently!! I also wore it during my Krabi/Phuket trip as well! The colour of the shorts is alittle different in this entry (not as mustard-ish) because of the different method I used to edit my photos in this batch of pictures! But I'm sure you will see me in it in all my future posts! Oh and for those who wants to know, you all can find Surf & Liquid over at Plaza Singapura! ;)

ducklings at botanic gardens

Walked over at Botanic Gardens since it's just beside the restaurant! 

ugly ducklings at botanic gardens

Saw all these cute little ducklings! But are they the ugly ducklings? :/

black swan at botanic gardens

Saw a black swan too! Don't worry all the little ugly ducklings, soon you will be like your mama when you all grow up! You know, like what happened in the storybook that we read when we were young!

typicalben black swan at botanic gardens

A really failed attempt to take picture with it!

typicalben with black swan at botanic gardens

Okay, this is the best I shot among all that we took, but the swan doesn't even bother about me and don't even want to pose for the camera wtf. So we then left the place and went for our dinner!

NeNe Chicken Singapore

Went to try NeNe Chicken (Korean fast food) over at Star Vista!

We didn't really plan to eat there but we just happened to came across it while walking around thinking of what should we have for dinner! And since we both didn't eat it before, we decided to give it a try!

NeNe Chicken Swicy Singapore

They had different flavours and I had their most popular one, the swicy flavour!

typicalben NeNe Chicken plastic glove Singapore

It's really cute because they even provide a plastic gloves so we won't dirty your hands when we eat! Overall I think it's pretty normal because it's just fried chicken (drumstick/wings) with different flavours coating on top of it only! But nevertheless it's still worth a try if you just nice happen to be there haha!

NeNe Chicken cheese Singapore

Isaac had the cheese flavour! I prefer cheese flavour over my swicy one leh! I think it's because I like cheese more! Anyway, swicy should be sweet and spicy if I'm not wrong hahaha! Okay, random!

Alright, I shall go wash up and prepare to head out for dinner now already! I'm running late!! Bye!!! :D


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  1. Woow the Domokun strap is so cute (^w^).
    And the brunch looks super good, like... the exact perfect amount of sauce!

  2. I WANNA BE YOUR FRIEND & go have brunch together!!! Hahahaha :D

  3. Come come! I'm having my holiday now! Leggo weekday lunch!!!!

  4. Where yhe brunch at? Ben I would like to be your friend, hang out with you and eat together would be a best things happen in my life. To see your happy smile!!!