Before I go to bed......

July 11, 2013

And also before you guys go to bed, I thought I should post up some pictures! :D

No school for me today and tomorrow, but I think I'll just be staying at home doing the usual mundane stuff! This Saturday we (Fingers) are all going to Kx's convocation, she's the second one in our group to graduate from university yay! And I'll be the third one hahahaha!! Anyway, picturesssssssssss time!


Woke up early to attend event the other day and you can see my fringe is alittle messed up!

typicalben morning selca 2

Another selfie shot! Beware okay, as this entry has alot of my selfie shot lol!

typicalben at radio station

Over at Power 98 FM!

typicalben at radio station 2

Posing for picture! *snap snap*

typicalben selfie eating sushi

Then after that, I went to had sushi alone while waiting for Esther and Isaac to meet me!

typicalben bottom selfie

How about a shot from the bottom view? Hahaha!

typicalben number of selfie shots

I actually took alot of pictures while I was eating alone (see I still go screenshot to prove my point lol) but I'm kinda lazy to edit all the pictures so you only end up with the 2 selfie pictures earlier! Hahaha!


Yummy sushi for dinner again! :D

unagi sushi

Love love love unagi!

typicalben ootd view

OOTD! My cute top is from Taiwan and everyone keep telling me that it's very nice! But I didn't managed to take a nice OOTD shot with it, so I think I'll wear it again soon to retake hahahaha!

typicalben with cute children train

Candid shot of me with the kids train! Super cute!

Brotzeit sausages

Supper at Brotzeit!

typicalben at Brotzeit

Okay, I'm ending the entry abruptly here! I go sleep already! Goodnight! :D


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  1. Those food look extremely delicious, so hungry just by looking at it! (: