Meeting up with Irene!

August 24, 2013

typicalben irene selca

Yay! Finally met up with Irene weeks back!

It's been so super long since I last saw her, I think it was like.... 4-5 years back???? Wtf. If you guys started reading my blog since my polys days, you would have know that I know her through my internship and she was with the company and supervising me! Years back she went back to Malaysia to get married and started her own family, so it's really hard for us to meet up anymore but we still got keep in contact!

Then she texted me recently telling me that she was coming back to Singapore for "holiday" and we probably could meet up and so we did! Had alot of fun catching up with her and chatting with her! Miss her so much! She is super nice to me ever since she knww me and is still super nice to me until now lolol.

jap rice

We went to have Japanese food! :D

jap bbq

Delicious grilled meat!

cha soba

Cha soba for me!

jap bbq 2

Grilled chicken skin (the most bottom one)! I love the chicken skin, so crispy yummy!

typicalben irene

A picture together after we finished our food! :D

hello kitty cookies in packet

She even gave me this packet of cookies that she baked herself!! So sweet omg!!

hello kitty cookies

And the cookies is in Hello Kitty design (not that I like Hello Kitty but it's still cute eh)!! It's really an awesome catch up with her and I can't wait to see her again!! Thanks Irene!!! I will miss you!!!

Anyway, sorry for not blogging as much as I want to because ever since I lost my laptop, it's really hard for me to blog properly! :( But I'll try to update again tomorrow still okay!! And and and.... I just did my hair yesterday and changed my hair colour (I actually did the colour before). If you wanna know what colour it is, just head over to my Instagram to check it out!! Alright, till tomorrow! Byeeeeeeeeee!!! :D


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  1. the food looks yummy :( hungry now. awwwww mahn.

    if you can do me a favor, will you please check out my blog as well?
    thank you so much, ben!
    love always,

  2. chloe8:46 pm

    your new hair colour looks awesome!

  3. Hiya i'm really new at blogging and seeing how you have a great blog, i wonder if you can check mine out. I just want to make people smile and be someone i would be proud of. o(^^o)

  4. Every time I read your blog I get hungry... And the cookies looks yummy ~~~~ *brings out cookie monster*