Colourful shoes sole!

September 22, 2013

Okay, first thing first. I just realise I haven't choose the winner for the iPhone case giveaway on my previous entry yet. WHAT. Super overdue already! I was supposed to choose on Tuesday and it's like Sunday now wtf. TOO MUCH. Okay, I'll choose later after I blogged and tweet the person ah!

Anyway, recently I've been wearing this pair of new shoes that I bought long long time ago! I didn't wear it straight after I bought it... Not until now. And there's no reason to why I never wear and I guess it happens to most of us lololol! Because you know sometimes, we will just buy things on impulse (omg I'm quite an impulsive person when it comes to shopping) or when at that moment you feel and think that you confirm will wear/use it one! But end up when you bring back home, you feel that......


Then you will feel that the stuff you bought is kinda weird or not as nice as when you saw it earlier in the stores, then you will chuck it aside and not wear/use it lah! Then after some time, you came across the stuff that you bought again, you suddenly feel... "Omg I think I can wear this with blah blah blah..." or "Omg quite nice what! Why I never use blah blah blah....". HAHAHA. Yah, it happens to me all the time. So back to the shoes!!! I bought it I think last year or something! And what attracted me was....

typicalben colourful shoes soles 5

It's colourful sole!!!!! So nice right!!!!

typicalben colourful shoes soles

And here's me bringing up my one of my leg to show you all the sloe of the shoes! HAHAHA. Trying to do this unglam pose in the most glam way already! Not bad hor lolololol!

typicalben colourful shoes soles 3

And please ask me where did I bought it from because I wanna tell you guys!! Hahaha! I bought it from H&M Kids!! Yes it's a kids shoe and surprisingly their biggest size can fit me woohooo!

typicalben colourful shoes soles 2

It's a high cut shoes and it's also quite affordable as well! If I didn't remember wrongly I think I bought it at around $30+ or $40+ only! Sorry ah too long ago, cannot remember!

typicalben colourful shoes soles 4

One last picture of my colourful sole! NICE RIGHT, NICE RIGHT?! :D

typicalben buying starbucks

After taking pictures, it's Starbucks time! Met up with Isaac to chill!

typicalben starbucks 2

Bought iced shaken hibiscus lemon tea!

typicalben starbucks

Ootd and since just now I already took so many pictures of my shoes, it's okay that now, it's being cut off! I shall let the hair have some coverage time now! Hahahaha! I love my hair omg.

typicalben drinking starbucks 2

*biting the straw*

typicalben drinking starbucks

Who also have the habit to use 2 straws instead of 1?

My friend always scold me that I'm not environmental friendly enough because of that! :( Okay I'll try my best to change this habit. But is this even considered as a bad habit? Maybe. But at least I use the straw lor, some people anyhow take the straw and throw around or never even use! Worse!!!

typicalben starbucks hair

Close up of my hair! :D

prawn noodles 2

Went to have prawn noodles for dinner! Woooooo!

prawn noodles

They ran out of the yellow noodles already, so no choice have to eat the white one! But it's still delicious! It's near novena area! But I not really sure the exact location lolol! :/

typicalben ai

And if you realise, all the picture above is after I gotten my hair cut over at Cleo Hair & Make! Finally it's shorter and easier to style! With my hair stylist, Ai.... in front of the ring light lolol! :D

typicalben cleo hair cut

You all see really got shorter right! So much better!

Anyway, I also did treatment and head spa!! It's super shiok to do head spa leh, my first time doing! And and and.... they got promotion now (they never ask me to write ah, is I ownself wanna write)!

For $100 (UP: $120), you get to have a headspa treatment + shampoo + blowdry + styling and you will receive a FREE can of carbonate acid headspa! Which is something like this (grabbed from qiuqiu blog lol). Which is actually $50, but now free lah and it's a product from Japan that is good for your scalp one! Not bad leh! So if you all wanna do headspa and relax your whole head, can go and try!

CLEO Hair and Make
Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250

typicalben candies iphone case

Okay, I'm ending of this entry with a $5 iPhone case that I randomly bought the other time! It's on sales, the usual price is like $30+ or something! Hahahaha! I'm not using it now anymore though!

I'll blog again tomorrow! And maybe alittle surprise too! Bye! :p


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  1. ben! your hair looks extremely nice on you. !

    love always

  2. OMG Ben. I love your shoes... SERIOUSLY!! MAD LOVE.... *Sorry for the caps lock*
    So colourful and it's high kicks somemore... So awesome!!!