I'm singing my blues~ blue blues~

September 02, 2013

Went to do my hair again over at CLEO Hair & Make recently!!! :D

And before I even head there I already decided that I'm going to dye my hair back to blue!!! Because whenever I see my old pictures of me in blue hair, I really miss the colour so I want to dye blue again! But last time it was more to ash blue which this time round, I don't want any ash tone in my hair colour!

doing hair typicalben

Bleaching hair time!!! Don't worry ah! I ask my stylist, Ai, not to touch my scalp!!!

Because I feel it's very unhealthy for our scalp if we keep bleaching/dyeing it, so now I always ask them not to touch my scalp at all! Usually I'll ask them to leave like 0.5cm-1cm of roots untouched!


Bought hot chocolate and a sandwich to munch on while doing hair! So hungry!

hair bleached typicalben

Alright! Here's the result of bleaching 2 times!

typicalben salon

Then it's time to add on the blue colour!!!!

blur hair typicalben

And.... it's..... done!!!!!!!!! :D

blue hair

Back to blue hair again! Yay!

typicalben having blue coloured hair

Selfie with the ringlight over at my salon! Cool or what ah!

typicalben ai

With Ai, my stylist! She's so cute and sweet!

typicalben ai

Another one! Hahahaha!

hair blue

I'm not sure how long will I keep this colour cause this moment, I have the sudden urge to have a short and neat hairstyle! Hahaha! Not sure, shall see again ah! But I really love this colour tooo! *dilemma*

typicalben with blue coloured hair

That's all! I'm going to probably eat something then shower! Goodnight! :D

CLEO Hair and Make
Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250


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  1. I think you look better on red hair. It'll make you look sexy & free leh. Anyway blue is nice too! :)