Selfie on the way to school!

September 08, 2013

typicalben blue hair 4

Was taking bus the other day to school and I was thinking to myself... omg I didn't take much pictures after I dyed my hair blue! So I took out my camera and snap few selfie pictures on the journey to school as the bus was pretty empty and my friend was busy using her phone lolololol.

Okay lah, shall flood you all with some of the pictures that I took! Hahahaha! ( Y.Y )

typicalben blue hair 5

Posted a similar one on my instagram that day!

typicalben blue hair 2

Messy styled hair!

typicalben blue hair 1

Side view of my hair!

typicalben blue hair 3

Top side view! The back is alittle flat though!


Went for Japanese hot pot with Chinghow after school!

shabu shabu

Yum yum yum yum! I love hot pot! :D

typicalben eating hot pot


turquoise hair color

Randomly snap picture of my hair when I was out with Xinhui recently!

blue hair turquoise colour

Nice right! Part of my hair fades to turquoise colour! Pretty!

drinks and bites

Random picture of the drinks and bites that I had with Zj months back!

You know recently I've so many things to do! Apart from school work and blog related stuff, I also have some other important major decision in my life to make which I'm still unsure of. Please please please, I pray so hard.... Hopefully I'll know the answer so I can make the decision soon! *fingers crossed* ;)


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  1. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Can I say something to you Ben?

    Hmm, I am a loyal reader of your blog. Though I started reading your blog like 1 and half year ago, I do read all of your posts and somehow, I understand you well(result of intense research on your life:P). Last Sunday Randy and you were so moody, and then you mentioned in your post saying you shiver in sadness and something. Therefore I guess must be your dad's problems, like he urges you all to move on to another stage of life, be responsible and stuff, which I think it is a pretty appropriate and reasonable thing from their point of view lah! It's because you are their son and they love you so must be expecting highly on you guys as well!

    So are you feeling lost now? Like whether you are going to be a full time blogger or focus on work and studies? I can't give you advises on this, but
    I shall tell you how I feel about you actually.

    Hmm, Ben, you influence me a lot, in a good way. You are always happy, positive-minded, caring and loving especially towards family! What I am trying to convey is, TO ME, YOU ARE NOT ONLY A SUPERFICIAL PICTURE POSTING BLOGGER, YOU ARE MORE THAN THAT. Seriously, unique hits and followers don't really matter, what's important is the dent you leave on our heart and mind all these while, and the way you portray yourself makes us setting you as a role model and to be honest, what you have achieved till date can be considered as successful already as compared to many people.

    So to conclude, no matter what is your decision, we will be supporting you as usual and I just hope that you won't disappear in social network, cuz we will surely, definitely gonna miss you. Jiayou Ben! Don't let the world changes your smile!

    Love, from Malaysia!:D

  2. Anonymous1:10 pm

    what important decision? is it regarding eddee ignatius peh? you 2 went out on a date once right? did you guys touch home base?