Love taking nap nap nap!

October 24, 2013

I cannot. believe. that. I. fell asleep while reading my lecture notes! Got so tired anot! -_-

Shall do some casual rants here and there for this post okay! Hahaha! Anyway, I don't know how I get to sleep later cause I just woke up from my nap only! It's 9.46pm now omg, you tell me how to fall asleep later! Hahaha! Too much right! And I haven't had my dinner somemore, gonna go eat now! So hungry!

I really can't wait for exams to end because there are loads of awesome and exciting stuff that I'm gonna embark and do after my exams end! :D Also, Ran texted me today saying "See you in 7 days" - omg he's coming back already so fast hahaha! I cannot wait to see what he bought for me only! HAHAHA!

typicalben Photo Booth 4

Photo Booth time! *snaps snaps*

typicalben Photo Booth 1

Having my all time favourite drink! :D

Photo on 19-10-13 at 4.06 PM #3`

Still cannot kick the habit of drinking with 2 straws! :x

typicalben Photo Booth 3

End of Photo Booth time!

typicalben on phone case

Anyway, my current phone cover that I'm using! Hahaha! Yes, it's my own face printed on the cover! Sometimes I really feel quite paiseh (embarrass?) when I'm talking on my phone! Cause people will all see my phone cover and some people will be thinking like, "omg is this person too full of himself or something?" lolololol! But I really like it, it's so nice! Will you all want it too? :D

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  1. Hey! Can I know the shop you went to make the customized iPhone cover! :)