Rainbow hair version 2.0

November 23, 2013

So I just woke up!!!! Omg I plan to wake up earlier, like maybe 12pm or something to start doing some of my work (which will be up on my blog tomorrow ah!!!) but in the end I slept till 3pm wtf.

It's been so long since I slept till so late because everyday I gotta wake up really early (like around 7am?) and almost everyday I sleep really early too because I'm so damn tired from work! Which is a good thing because I finally get to sleep in a healthier, more proper and regular timing (and not only being able to fall asleep at 5am/6am wtf crazy right, at some point of time I thought I was going to die soon ahhahahaha!). Which I feel it's better for me lah, much healthier for me to sleep early and wake up early! :D

But last night, I finally have the time to stay out late at town with my bffs, Fingers and it's been so long since I ever stayed out late lolololol! I know I sound like an old man now but I remember the last time I stayed out late was to study for my exams hahaha! So anyway, Zj and I went to catch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire last night and I feel that it's so awesome omg. That stupid Ting and Kx didn't wanna watch cause they said they were too tired from work, okay lah understandable so we just went ahead to still watch it instead cause I was getting quite excited about it when I know that it's out!!! Hahahaha!

And omg I still haven't get to watch my Thor yet okay! What is this. Keep don't have time and chance! And I also haven't get to drink my Starbucks until now HAHAHAHAHA. I don't know I got so busy anot.

Cause I keep on saying and telling everyone until like I no time for anything, but is really abit busy. Reached home and after washing up last night, it's already 5am+ so naturally I will sleep in till afternoon! Just had my late lunch and gonna laze awhile before I start doing work the whole night later! :x

eug typicalben jj

In class during the our very last lecture of our 2.5 years of studies!!!
*prays so bad that all of us will pass all our modules and graduate together*

typicalben jj

With JJ! And as you can see my initial rainbow hair fade until very crazy already right!
Totally like become green colour and obviously it needs to have a touch up!!

typicalben eug

With Eug! Hahahaha!

jj eug typicalben

Group photo before we left school and before I went to do my hair for my Bali trip!

typicalben faded rainbow hair

Outside Millenia Walk!

mixture rainbow hair

And thanks to my stylist, Ai..... my second version of rainbow/paddle pop hair is born!!!!!

typicalben hair rainbow

This time round there are even more colours and she also did some 'adjustment' to the position of the different colours on my hai to make it even more awesome than before! Really love it!

colourful hair

Look at the blend and colours! So nice right omg! Thank you! :')

rainbow hair

Love this picture and I just posted it up on Instagram! Hahahaha!

CLEO Hair and Make
Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250


typicalben ootd rainbow

After I'm done with my hair, I went to meet up with Isaac and Esther for dinner!

movement rainbow hair

*Oh you! Stop looking at my hair!* Hahahahaa!

messy rainbow hair

When my I'm flipping my hair back and forth!! Hahaha!

back of rainbow hair

Back of my rainbow hair which I didn't manage to take at the salon!

rainbow hair colour

Okay, last picture of my hair (in similar pose somemore lol) to end off the entry!

Hope you're not sick of seeing my rainbow hair after this entry hahahaha! Anyway, had an awesome Saturday everyone! So who's also staying at home on a weekends like I do? :D


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