Seeing food pictures during midnight makes me hungry

December 03, 2013

Since my hair is still wet now (lazy to use hair dryer and I don't really have the habit to use, unless I'm super tired and wanna sleep then I'll have no choice but to use it), I shall blog before I go sleep!

Anyway, I just went online to recontract my phone plan and bought the gold iPhone 5s for my daddy! I was asking him earlier what colour he wants, he say gold. So hipster right him, wanna get the latest colour also! Hahaha! Though he kept saying he wanna use my iPhone 5 and let me use the new phone, but I think he will love it more if he use the new phone! Who doesn't love having a new gadget right!!!!

But his phone really need to change, so laggy (he's using iPhone 4) and keeps on hanging! So I thought since my phone plan is up, I must well recontract and get the phone for him! Actually his plan also can recontract and get a new phone leh! Maybe I'll use his plan to buy also and go sell it (I think can only earn $200+ cause his plan buy iPhone is $600+ wtf.) or..... maybe I'll use it for myself and sell away my iPhone 5! Omg why am I talking about all these stuff hahahahaha! Sorry if it bores you! Moving on!

typicalben at kith cafe

Met up for brunch with Esther and Isaac! This picture is edited using my one of my phone app (which I posted on Instagram that day) and I feel phone app effect like even nicer than Photoshop eh! :O

kith cafe food

Foooooooooooddddddd!!! ^_^

kith cafe brunch

kith cafe

Omg I'm getting super hungry now seeing all these food pictures! Time check now, 1:29am! Cannot, gonna go sleep straight after I post up this entry! Cannot go find food to eat if not I sure can't sleep!

typicalben blue sweater ootd

Top: Banana Republic - Pants: Forever 21 - Shoes: Fred Perry

typicalben isaac

After that we went to watch Merchants of Bollywood at MBS! Thanks for the invite! :D

typicalben selfie side 2

Selfie while I walk to the theatre hall! Hahaha!

typicalben selfie side

Another one, just that this time round with teeth lololol!

tcc food

Late dinner cum supper afterwards to end the night!

Okay, I'm going to go sleep now! Need to wake up early for work later! Anyway, there will be another new entry that will be up later as well! Omg why am I so hardworking HAHAAHAHA! Okay, thanks bye! :p


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  1. You really take good photos Ben. Though I wonder what app you're using? :D

    1. Phone app? I'll blog about it soon! :D

    2. I can't wait to read all about it. :D

    3. I can't wait to read all about it. :D

  2. Nicole :)6:18 pm

    Hi Ben, I would like to know what are you working as?