Tim Ho Wan + A day out with bff

January 06, 2014

Hello!!! Omg I just got back from ippt training and I'm kinda tired.... gonna go shower after blogging this entry then off to bed! Have to wake up early tomorrow! ( x_x) Went out earlier in the day to The Chevrons to buy my army boots because the old ones that I have are all spoilt and I've to go back for ICT in February, so have to go buy lah if not no boots to wear hahaha! Although thinking about going back is kinda..... a little dreadful..... but still...... we got to do what we have to do. So yeah! Hahahaha!

Went out with bff, Zj the other day and we literally spent the whole day together! :D

Finally some quality time spent as it's also been quite some time since we met up so there's a lot of catching up to do! The girls couldn't make it, so just the both of us this time round! In the morning, we went to my aunt's nail salon to do our nails (to support her - will blog about it soon) then in the afternoon, we went to have lunch and then also had coffee while we catch up and update each other all our stuffs!!!

zj coffee

Zj with his coffee and is busy using his phone hahaha!

typicalben drink

Me with my caramel macchiato! Anyway, the coffee taste pretty meh. So yeah, quite sian!

cookie monster tee

My new Cookie Monster tee that Randy bought for me from London! Love it so much! :D

typicalben side

Me and my hair with the artificial grass as backdrop!


Also my new iPhone cover from http://covermybagel.com! Super cute! Thanks!

Tim Ho Wan 2

We then had our lunch at Tim Ho Wan!!! It's my first time trying it!!!

Tim Ho Wan 5

Sorry ah, I'm lazy to collage the pictures together, so there will be quite abit of the food pics! :x

Tim Ho Wan 3

Siew mai!!

Tim Ho Wan 9

Century egg porridge!

Tim Ho Wan 8

Baked bun with BBQ pork! Which I think is really the best dish that they offer there!

Tim Ho Wan 7

Steamed egg cake!

Tim Ho Wan 6

My favourite!!!!!! Bean curd skin roll with shrimp!!!!!

Tim Ho Wan 4

Pan fried carrot cake!

Tim Ho Wan

Vermicelli roll stuffed with BBQ pork!

typicalben bag

Anyway, show you guys the current bag that I'm using now! It's from RAWROW and ever since I carry it, people have been telling me that my bag looks nice and even ask me where I got it!

typicalben books with bag

Yup! You can get it from their website and I also did see some of their bags over at some stores over at shopping mall! What I love about their bag is their superb quality and material used!!

typicalben books bag

They also sent me some few other bags, which I'll show you guys next time when I carry it k! :D


Then is dinner time!! We settled for Coffee Club cause it was pretty late after we are done with shopping and almost all the F&B outlets are closed! :/ So hello and here we go to the 24 hours Coffee Club!

coffee club salad

Smoked salmon salad!

coffee club duck spagetti

Black pepper duck linguine! After that we went to Starbucks and chill with Isaac! :D

typicalben cookie monster ootd

Had a great day out! Ending off with a ootd of mine taken over at DFS! ^_^


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