Peeling prawns

March 20, 2014

Went to have buffet with bff, Zj the other day! The girls couldn't make it cause it was too last minute for them when he texted us saying he got a 1 for 1 voucher for a buffet spread at Holiday Inn! Although all the girls couldn't make it, we went for it nonetheless! Why not right???!!! Hahaha! We wanted to go for the high tea slot but both of us couldn't make it on time, so we decided on the dinner instead.

holiday inn hotel orchard

The buffet area is like a ballroom and they turned it into a dining area!

Zj were a little disappointed at first because they said it was at "Window on the Park" restaurant and he's excited for it lah, but end up it was in the ballroom. I think they used the ballroom probably because of the 1 for 1 promotion thingy and they expect a lot of people coming for it or so. I don't know hahaha.

holiday inn hotel orchard buffet

The lighting in the ballroom keep changes colour! Didn't have any problems with it other than it's hard to take nice pictures but when Isaac came, he said it's making him giddy wtf. He's always kuazhang!

holiday inn hotel orchard salmon prawns

The buffet spread was okay only, but the quality of the food is pretty good.

holiday inn hotel orchard rojak

Zj making rojak! Fun leh, we love the rojak hahaha!

typicalben peeling prawns

I don't usually eat prawns but I love cereal prawns omg! Hahaha! It's not say I don't like prawns but sometimes it's either there's no craving or feeling indifferent towards it, so I don't feel like eating it lah.

Oh, or maybe sometimes we just get to lazy to peel the prawns shell, so we don't wanna eat. But Zj told me the prawns are super fresh and say that I MUST try it! So okay lah, I went to peel it and eat... like how can I say no to my best friend for over 11 years (or is it 12 shit). The prawns is very fresh damn nice!!!

At first, Zj still wanna help me peel cause I say I lazy to peel and don't wanna eat wtf. Why all my friends so nice to me! Amelia reminded me that she also helped me to peel before! Hahahaha! Damn paiseh.

peeling prawns

Peeling prawn in action! End up I peel for Zj to eat okay! Other than rojak and the prawns, the salmon is pretty good too. I think both of us just kept eating this 3 only! Oh he also keep eat the dory fish lol!

holiday inn hotel orchard typicalben isaac zj

Isaac came to find us afterwards and here's a group picture with an orange smack right at my face cause I look bad. But still want to post cause they look good and happy! Hahaha!

On a side note, I wanna go bkk! I wanna go bkk! I wanna go bkk! I haven't go before leh! I know I sound like damn sua ku but really never go before! Hopefully can plan a trip there by this year! :D


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  1. I don't like peeling prawns or shrimp, too! I only eat them when they're already peeled (or if someone peels for me). Lucky you, you have friends who want to peel them for you!!


  2. Anonymous9:27 am

    Hi, where did u buy that cookie monster tee? Tia ♡