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April 02, 2014

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Yay so happy because I've been wearing new tops and carrying a new bag out recently! :D

Hahaha! I know right, very easy for me to feel happy and contented lol! Anyway, thanks Lightning Cherry for sending me some of their awesome stuff, which I'm gonna show you all in this entry! Yes, and I absolutely love how their online store cater not just to the male or female, but to both! I also love their effort in bringing in unique designs with limited quantity so all of us can enjoy the exclusivity! 1

My outfit that I wore to Cleo Hair & Make opening! Wearing their Blue Fabian Polo Tee together with my mustard shorts, camper shoes and carrying a drawstring bag which is from them too!

lightning cherry top 2-2

I love how the Blue Fabian Polo Tee can easily matched with shorts or even jeans/long pants! Anyway, I don't usually wear my socks this way, but I thought it might look good for pictures... so I did lol!

Love this picture! Y_Y

lightning cherry top 2-1

Close up of the Blue Fabian Polo Tee, the pocket is suede one!

lightning cherry bag 3

Full close up of the outfit together with their latest design of drawstring bag!

lightning cherry bag 4

I love the drawstring bag because it can actually allow me to put a lot of things inside omg!

lightning cherry bag 5

The design that I chosen among the tons of pretty design that they carry!
You can go check all of them out here! ^_^

lightning cherry bag 2

When carrying it like a bag pack..... but there are a lot of ways to carry the drawstring bag though, not just this way, which you can all see from all the previous pictures lah! Hahaha very good hor!

lightning cherry bag 1

And apart from daily use, I think it's really suitable to bring for picnic or to swim/beach too!


lightning cherry top 1-6

Next up, wore this Eden Tee the other day when I head down to town to chill!

lightning cherry top 1-5

Matched it with just a simple pair of jeans!

lightning cherry top 1-4

Close up of the Eden Tee!

lightning cherry top 1-3

Another "feeling" shot (touching window panel lololol) with the close up of the tee! Hahaha!

lightning cherry top 1-1

Went to visit Isaac and his friends over at their Grand Park Orchard as they are having stay cation there! And Ran was at town too, so he also visited them and helped me to take even more pictures!

lightning cherry top 1-2

lightning cherry top 1

Yay all the pictures so nice ahahaha! Very happy k!


Anyway, these are some of the other tops from their latest male collection!


And for the ladies, their latest 'Spring Fling' collection is recently launched too!

So if you guys wanna see more designs of their tops, or even their drawstring bags or tote bags (yes, they have it too)... and not forgetting female apperals for the ladies.... do head over to......
(enter the discount code: BEN10 for 10% discount over $30!!)


That's all from me for now! Enjoy your shopping everyone!


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  1. The shirts look awesome! I wonder if they'll sell in the Philippines.. .___. I like how they make some shirts exclusive. Haha! One of a kind! :D


  2. Anonymous8:35 am

    T'es si beau. ♡