My post pimples outbreak period

April 30, 2014

I just showered because I just got home from hanging out with Isaac! :) It's always nice hanging out with him because I always like to tell and update him on all the stuff that are happening in my life, and I don't know why but he always seems to be able to relate to them and understand what I'm going through.

We went to the airport in the evening and omg the journey is super crazy wtf.

I mean I love airport, but the travelling time is kinda crazy because we took a bus (faster than train) and there was traffic jam so it was quite torturous. We went there to chill, catch up and use our laptop but end up spending half of the time shopping at taobao! Actually only him because his laptop's battery went flat and he used mine to continue online shopping there while I just see hahaha. I miss Fingers so much and we are meeting tomorrow (or actually later). I can't wait to see all of them omg. Loves it!

Anyway, I didn't took much pictures after having the pimples outbreak but here are some of them! I must admit I look a little weird and quite bad in some of them. Complexion really does play an important part in looking good, same goes to our hair. I think hair is very important eh! Cause it can totally change a person look and image, so that's why I've always been very particular about my hair hahaha!

typicalben ran

Went for lunch with Ran after we went to consult some professional advice regarding some issues and I love spending time with him so much! I don't know, I just love him more and more as days goes by.

p/s: Fyi we are real blood brothers, for those who still mistaken us as a couple -_-

typicalben bbq chicken

Didn't want to finish the fries because it's so fried and heaty!


My cute milky iPhone cover that I'm using the other time from CoverMyBagel, they have loads of cute iPhone covers that are on sales now at a very affordable price! You guys can go check them out!


cleo hair reopening

Attended Cleo Hair & Make re-opening over at The Central (Clarke Quay) the other day! Anyway, most of the pictures from that day was taken from either Rachell or Qiuqiu hahaha! Thanks ah!

cleo hair reopening

I'm very excited for them because they moved to a bigger place and now the salon is so big and spacious omg love it! And everyone came earlier to do their cut/dye before the official opening!

cleo hair reopening

See the area where we get our hair washed is also so spacious!

typicalben helping ran to tie shoe lace

Evidence of Ran always bullying me! The conversation goes like... Ran: "Eh my shoe laces drop already, help me tie leh!" - Me: "What. Orh okay." then he snapped the picture while I was tying it wtf.

typicalben helping ran to tie shoe lace close up

Sigh, life of a older brother hahahaha.

typicalben qiuqiu

Selfie with Qiu and maybe also Sam since she photobomb us at the back!

typicalben randy

The crazy brothers! Hahaha!

pxdkitty speishi typicalben randy

With Rach, Peishi and Ran!

cleo hair reopening

Yummy food and champagne is served for the opening! :D

cleo hair reopening

Group photo of us before we leave! ^_^

Cleo Hair & Make
The Central Mall 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#04-89a/92 Singapore 059817
Tel: +65 63385250


typicalben rachell

Met up with Rachell for early dinner before heading for Captain America movie premiere!

Both of us look a bit weird that day hor. I mean like what kind of face is that lololol! Both of us don't look like the how we look usually eh, we looked like the weird version of ah lian and ah beng hahahaha!

truffle fries

Truffle fries, my major love!!!

main course

Are you getting hungry now??? :p

waffle icecream 2

Waffle with ice cream!

waffle icecream

Another picture of the waffle with ice cream and that's about all the pictures I took during last month omg hahaha! Really couldn't be bothered plus also because of my face so also sian to take pictures! :/

Okay, I'm going to sleep now! Goodnight!! Have to wake up later in a few hours time omg. Also also, I might be dyeing my hair soon yay! It's been quite sometime since I coloured my hair already! O_O


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  1. Those waffles! TAT And people actually thought you were a couple? haha!! XD