Painting day with Fingers!

May 04, 2014

Good morning (or actually afternoon) everyone!!! Let me blog abit before I head out!! :D

So few weeks back, I went painting with Fingers because they wanted to which I'm not really interested to go because.... erm... I don't like to paint? -_- Hahaha! But after their persuasion, I decided to go along with it since they need 4pax cause there's a package and it will be cheaper lol. Initially I wanted to ask Angie to go instead (to form the 4pax) but she was having exams period that time, so she couldn't make it.

high tea set

We met up earlier to chill and had high tea before the painting starts!

high tea

Love high tea sessions! ♥ ♥ ♥

ting and kx high tea

Kx and Ting!

painting 2

Then it's time to head for our painting session!


Different colours of paints for you to choose from and I kinda like how the floor (or basically everywhere) is being splattered with paints with all sorts of colours, quite pretty hahahaha!

And I started off by splattering some black paint on my canvas, while all of them started sketching out what they are going to paint. :/ I'm like, no seriously? I want to do a painting that reflects how I feel right now and also my mood. So I'll just go with the flow without any sketching and all......

painting 6

And this is what I painted in the end, my final art piece!

I know a lot of people might be thinking that it's just a piece of crap where I just anyhow spam and paint all sorts of different colours on the plain canvas but sorry, you guys are wrong.

I can only say this painting reflects our life, the emotions and troubles and feelings. What we will go through in life, how we feel, what we overcome. It all started with a blank white piece of canvas (same goes to life when we were just born), and there will be different stages in life where we will face some dark period (black paints) and also happy times (bright colourful paints). All these slowly builds up our stories and experience in life, slowly layering up (same goes to the layering of colours).

Thus life is exciting, unpredictable, filled with emotions, with different colours and different experience.

painting 5

Signing it at the corner! Who wants my art piece?? Hahahaha!

painting 7

Ting's painting beside me!

painting 4

Zj is still painting!

painting 3

And all of us are done!!!

typicalben painting

Me with my art piece yay!

fingers painting

Group picture to end the day! ^_^


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  1. I want to paint with my fingers, too!!! Did you paint with fingers...? o___o Your piece looks awesome, actually. =w=


  2. Looks like a lot of fun! :D I like your photo with the painting.