Birthday celebration for my lovely angels

July 23, 2014

I know it's July now, but June is a crazy birthday month for me because many of my friend's birthday falls in that month. And for Fingers, since the 3 ladies birthday are so near to each other, we usually do celebrate them together! :)

Because all of us have been really busy this year, and we didn't managed to catch up much so we decided to do a simple birthday staycation! You know we really didn't meet up as much as compared to last time already, I remember last time we can meet at least once every 1 or 2 weeks but now sometimes we cannot have "full attendance" even until a month or so! I guess all of our lifestyle had changed and all of us are working adults now, busy with our work commitments etc.

Oh! Not forgetting those that is in relationship in our group, they also need to spend time with their boyfriend too. So it's very hard for all of us to come together sometimes due to our schedule. But of course we still do meet up with one another every week, just that all 5 of us is quite rare nowadays. Thus, we were all really excited for this staycation yay! :D

typicalben zj hotel

Me and Zj checked into the hotel room earlier because we got nothing to do in the day, whereas the 3 ladies had some plans in the morning/afternoon. So we decide to just check-in earlier and laze there while waiting for them to come!

typicalben park regis

Snapping picture with the full length mirror! *clicks*

park regis hotel singapore

The room! Yeah, it's pretty small but decent.

park regis hotel singapore room

Open concept for the washroom basin, which I don't really fancy?

typicalben selfie on bed

Time to rest on the bed! :3

flower cupcakes

No cakes but we went to get cupcakes for them!

cupcakes in flower designs

Not a fan of cupcakes but it's so pretty nonetheless! *.*

typicalben by the window

I love looking out of the window occasionally and watch the world go by. I've decided that my future house will be all transparent, so I can open up my curtain whenever I want to look outside hahaha!


Went for early dinner with Zj! Escargot for starters!

seafood gratin

My main course, seafood gratin.

seafood gratin ma mason

Looks really good right! I love gratin but this one is a little different from the ones I usually eat.

typicalben fingers june 2014

Finally the ladies arrived! Group photo time! :D

typicalben fingers june 2014

All of us are spending some quality time together! By quality time, I mean eating chips while watching movies throughout the night and half way we went Starbucks to get drinks lololol. Sounds quality to me though.

I just feel that quality time doesn't mean you need to do anything special or what. As long as we are spending the time together with the ones we love, no matter how we spent it, it is considered quality enough already.

angie ting kx making wish

Make a wish, make a wish!

angie ting kx

The ladies with their cupcakes! So glad that they are loving it!

fingers on bed typicalben

My bffs that I always love. Over 10 years of friendship. ♥


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  1. Anonymous4:14 pm

    Hi, can I know the name of this hotel ?

  2. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Hi, can I know the name of this hotel ?

  3. Anonymous12:15 am

    Hi there! May I know where you bought those cupcakes? Thanks (: