Not supposed to tell people our driving test (TP) date?

July 08, 2014

I remember once somebody told me that we shouldn't tell people our driving test (TP) date because if you tell everyone, it will somehow jinx it and you will probably fail wtf. Logic please? -_-

I mean this literally makes no sense and is really nonsense to me, but it actually happened to some of my friends eh! Like it happened to one of my uni mate and Rachell also. When Rachell failed her first attempt, I told her "you cannot tell anyone your test date one, then you will pass"... then end up she really pass wtf. I know this is going to sound dumb and it's not that I'm that superstitious or what.... but I also decided to believe and not tell anyone my driving test date HAHAHAHAHA. Okay lah, maybe I'm superstitious but hey, no harm right! I really just wanna pass my driving test and get over and done with! *prays*

All I can say is the test date is really really very near and I'm getting nervous! Because today I went for my revision lesson and I still can't seems to lane change properly. Why so hard to lane change one ah! :( Everything seems to be pretty okay except lane change on the road I guess. I just need to pray that during my test, the traffic won't be that bad for me to change lane omg. I WILL PASS! I WILL PASS!

I MUST PASS! I MUST PASS! I CAN PASS! I CAN PASS! I PASSED I PASSED! - Okay, I'm practising law of attraction here so you don't need to care about me, but you can also help me chant and pray if you want hahahaha! Anyway, since I'm at this topic... one of my driving instructor told me to dye my hair to a more "decent" colour for the test to let the tester have a good impression. Well, it sounds legit to a certain point because we are in Singapore or Asian so..... people basically judge you for everything isn't it. :/

Yes, so I also decided to go darken my hair for it too. See how important this is to me?

I want to pass so bad okay hahahaha. I just hope that I won't lao sai (shit in my pants) on the actual test date itself because I can foresee that it's gonna be nerve wracking. Actually, I think I take it way too seriously and I probably should relax myself a little. I'm always giving myself so much stress to do and perform well in everything, that will eventually make me more nervous than ever.

Will update you guys soon, let's hope for good news shall we? :D


typicalben galaxy top ootd

#ootd // Hair done by Cleo Hair & Make // Shades from ASOS // Galaxy top from Matahari Department Store (Batam) // Bracelet from Kiel James Patrick // Shoes from H&M

typicalben galaxy top

Lifting myself up hahahaha!


Kiel James Patrick bracelet from JustTangy!

typicalben side view orchard

From the side!

typicalben side view

Random photo of me!

strawberry cake

Not really a fan of cakes but since Isaac wanted to eat..... then okay lor.


Mine! I forgotten what cake is it already! Cream cheese or cream or custard lol?

typicalben cake

No time for pictures, time to eat eat eat eat! :p


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  1. I should really keep my date unknown uh, i told everyone my test date and i failed twice fml

  2. Anonymous1:02 am

    Its really true! The first time everyone knows and I failed. So I went to take the test secretly and passed on the second attempt!