Photoshoot for lookbook

July 12, 2014

Happy Saturday everyone!!!! :D Just woke up from a crazy dream and had cereal for breakfast with Ran trying to strangle me on my bed earlier lol. IS HE CRAZY? Cause he's trying to strangle me wtf. Although sometimes... I also quite like doing it to him too hahahaha. Anyway, I'm gonna head out later to meet JJ! Been quite some time since we met! But it's Saturday today omg, don't really like to head out on weekends but no choice because both of our schedule is so tight and we only make it today.

In another note, Ran is going overseas tomorrow! I also wanna go leh lol! I think he's like going to tour around Indonesia because he's going to Bintan and then fly to Jakarta after! I've never been to Jakarta before, and if after he came back he told me it's fun then maybe I'll go next time. Talking about travelling overseas, I'm FINALLY going BKK next month omg yay! Is like really finally finally, because I never been there before lol. But you know actually this time, I should be enjoying myself in France okay!!!! :/ But I cancelled my trip there due to some reasons which I'm going to let you all know.... TOMORROW! I mean for those who did follow me on my social media right, can roughly guess the reason already! :)

cleo photoshoot typicalben 2

Photoshoot for Cleo Hair & Make's lookbook months back!

cleo photoshoot typicalben

Thanks Sam jiejie for snapping these pictures for me! :D

cleo photoshoot typicalben 3

We only take upper body shot ah, so that explains my ugly shorts and socks lol!

cleo shoot with ai typicalben

My stylist Ai trying to help me to do some adjustment to my hair cause they are taking the back view of my hair too and I couldn't really see it! Anyway my hair is styled by myself that day for the shoot! :D

cleo photoshoot typicalben 4

And side view! Picture all taken by my phone so the quality is a little bad!

cleo photoshoot typicalben 5

Love the sweater that I'm wearing! *.*

Sam loan it from a Japanese label together with the white inner shirt and when I check the price of the sweater, it cost like $400/$500++ omg. But I'm super happy because I think it suits me so well and it's really my style which also looks good for the lookbook! Sam was telling me, when she saw it she immediately wanna get it for me for the shoot already! Not bad ah her! 这个朋友没有白交!

cleo shoot ai ben

Did a few shots with Ai, my stylist!

qiuqiu typicalben speishi randy rachell

Group photo with Qiuqiu, Peishi, Rachell and Ran!

rachell tan speishi randyys typicalben

After the photoshoot ended, we went to 126 for supper! Yums!

typicalben and ran selfie

Lunch with Ran the other day as we went to IDS for our review together before that!

prawn noodles singapore

Yummy prawn noodles at Novena area!

typicalben randy prawn noodles

Ran trying to take a selfie with... (X.X)

typicalben eating prawn noodles

Nom nom nom.....

ben at old school stall

Wore over a shirt and took a photo there before leaving!


Anyway, talking about IDS right! Previously I went for electro-surgery to do extractions of the "oil" hidden underneath my skin that causes all the stubborn acne! Dr SK Tan is the one doing it for me!


See all the clogged "oil" is being extracted out! :O


At the dispensary area to collect my products! On top of what I've gotten previously, I was also given a Cleansing Gel, Oil-Control Toner and an amazing Clear-Plus which will be coming out soon!

The Clear-Plus really helped my face a lot tbh and now my face is just slowly waiting for the acne marks to be gone with the help of Clear-Plus! Hopefully soon! Also currently, I'm not being sponsored by IDS Clinic but by JYSK Skin Solutions now for my visits/treatments/products! :D Okay okay okay, gonna go prepare and head out soon! Will blog again when I come back home tonight! See you guys later! :D


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