Batam Trip 2014

August 05, 2014

Went for a short holiday to Batam with our maternal family for a night and I felt really happy that all of us is able to spend some time together, especially with my grandparents. I remember the previous time that we went for a holiday together was to Malacca years back. But not everyone was present for this trip this time round though, because they couldn't make it due to work or school.... that's why they are planning another day trip there again this month, which I'm not going. :x

Anyway, even though I brought my camera along for this trip, I didn't managed to use it to take any pictures at all. So for this post, all the pictures are taken by my iPhone! But even so, I think the quality of the pictures are not that bad still!

family group photot batam

Group picture at Harbourfront Ferry Terminal after we all had our breakfast and before we board the ferry!

ferry batam indonesia

On the ferry! Off we go!

ferry to batam indonesia

typicalben ran ferry

Similar pose we both got! #brothers #BenRanAway

lunch batam indonesia

We did a half day tour and midway, we went for lunch!

fish batam indonesia

Fish, which taste pretty good!

chicken batam indonesia

Fried chicken.

typicalben and laughing buddha

Continued our half day tour after lunch. Went to visit the temple there.

theme park batam indonesia

Came across this primitive theme park!

cute theme park batam indonesia

Although primitive, I still do think it looks really pretty and colourful!

ferris wheel batam indonesia

Ferris wheel! O.O

typicalben with ferris wheel batam indonesia 2

Picture with the Ferris Wheel!

typicalben with ferris wheel batam indonesia

Another one!

typicalben germaine

With one of my cousin, Germaine!

lucas batam room

After that, we checked into our resort and Lucas insisted on sleeping with us for the night. Here you have him totally engrossed in watching tv programme while I snapped a few pictures without him knowing hahaha.

kitten batam indonesia

Went for dinner and saw these 3 cute little kittens having their food! *.*

typicalben cousins at pool

The next morning is pool day with the kids!

typicalben and cousins at pool 2

Love this candid picture of them splashing water at me! The filter and editing was done on my phone for this one, as I posted it up on Instagram that time when I was there. Ran wasn't with us at the pool because he was..... sleeping.

typicalben and cousins at pool

With the girls!

typicalben float pool

Me alone with the float.

typicalben car batam indonesia

After that is time to head back home.....

typicalben car batam

On our way back to the ferry terminal.

batam indonesia 2

Random shots of the street while I'm inside the car.

batam indonesia

lucas a&w chicken

Had A&W before boarding the ferry! And in this picture, Lucas looked so precious awwww! All of us really enjoyed ourselves for this trip, but grandpa think that 2D1N is a little too short... Well, I think so too! Should go for 3D2N at least!


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  1. Anonymous12:35 am

    hello, ben. i saw ur post accidently when gonna make a plan for trip to Batam next month. Oh ya, would u like to recommend any places to visit then? thnks so much. -artha-

    1. Usually we will just stay around hotel and just go for the half day tour. ;)