August 25, 2014

So today will be my convocation! Got to wake up really early later and reach school by 9am. I'm meeting JJ to cab down to school because we will be bringing our gown and stuff, too troublesome to take public transport. :'D

Quite sad that my bffs couldn't make it for my convocation because all of them are working. :( But it's okay, no choice actually..... cause if I'm working, I also don't think I can make it to theirs too. But my family will be there, so it's more than enough!! For some of my friends, their parents also couldn't make it due to work eh, so I think I'm very happy that all 3 of them are coming to my convocation! Okay, I think I better go sleep soon! Very happy today cause I bought a new bag and belt! I think I wanna go back and get the another belt that I'm contemplating to get earlier, maybe tomorrow or Tuesday (if I'm going out). Life is so so so good recently, that I can't complain about anything cause I'm so happy every single day! I feel so blessed and fortunate omg. I wish I can share every single details with you guys, but maybe not now. Soon I will!

Alright, I shall go sleep! Goodnighttttttt! Have a great Monday everyone! :D


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