Classic Saint Laurent zip case with front card slots

September 27, 2014

Hello everyone!!!!! It's Saturday today and I'm up early!!!! Kinda feeling dreadful to wake up so early on weekends, since I'm already waking up so early everyday during the weekdays. :/ But no choice because I've to go for my regular cleaning and Invisalign check up at Omni Dental Centre. And I couldn't make it during the weekdays, so Saturday morning is the only alternative left. Thank you Omni Dental Centre for taking care of my teeth! Really happy to have them! ♥

Anyway, I'm now having some me-time which I think I haven't had for super long already.

Having a cup of chai tea latte, listening to Nicki Minaj's iHeartRadio Music Festival performance and using my laptop at some cafe alone now! :D Feeling quite good because it's been so long since I can sit down properly to do something I love, which is updating this space and sharing stuff with you guys. Oh yeah, I wanna show you guys my new wallet!!!!!!

Saint Laurent Paris - cardholder and oerfume

My new wallet from Saint Laurent! Actually it's more of a cardholder than a wallet but I wanted something compact and sleek, so when I saw this the other day at the store, I knew this is what I wanted! Finally found it!

Saint Laurent Paris - cardholder

I gotten the dark navy blue instead of black because I think it's so much nicer! The difference in real life (between the black and navy blue) is close to zero though, unless it compare it under bright light then you will see the difference.

Saint Laurent Paris - prefume

New fragrance to add on to all the fragrances that I have!

typicalben Saint Laurent Paris - cardholder

I've been using my previous Louis Vuitton wallet that my aunt bought for me as my birthday gift for over 7 years, so I reckon I'll be using this for few years too! I'm not a label whore but I believe a decent wallet is necessary!

Do you guys like my new wallet? Anyone plan on changing their wallet soon too? ;)


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