Mookata Thai BBQ

September 01, 2014

The weather have been really good recently! Very cooling and chill, makes me wanna stay at home the whole day and snuggle up in my bed.... well, if only I can really do that then it would be awesome hahahaha! Been sleeping and waking up early everyday because of some new changes in life recently and it's something that I need time to adjust to. I guess it will be fine as soon as I get used to it! #ifpeoplecandoiticandoittoo #ificandoityoucandoittoo

Hahahaha the hashtags makes it sound like a motivational speech or something! :'D I know I've always been sharing everything with you guys but recently I realise, I don't want to share too much (in detail) until everything is stable and confirmed. A lot of amazing things happened recently and slowly you guys will get to know more about them! I cannot wait to share!!!

Anyway, went for mookata the other day with JJ and we always find it a hassle to decide what to eat. I think it happens to most of us right. Impromptu suggestion by me to eat mookata because it's been really long since I had it? I think got more than a year! So we called and made reservation and we got the very last seat! So lucky, because we realised for every time we want to eat at that particular restaurant, we always didn't managed to get to eat there due to it being full. -_-

mookata place

Reached and they only left outdoor seats!

typicalben jj mookata

Yay time to eat! Was so hungry that day!

mookata food

All the ingredients! At first I still thought that it's too little for us, end up is just nice!

mookata 2

Waiting for it to cook!

typicalben mookata

*patiently waiting*


Gobble up everything and we then head to town!

typicalben jj starbucks

Chilling at Starbucks!

typicalben jj zstarbucks

Just nice Zj and Angie were at town too! So Zj came to find us because Angie left early!

typicalben jj starbucks selfie

We then hang out till late and took a cab home hahahaha!

ON A RANDOM NOTE, I WANT TO GO OVERSEAS SOON EH! :( I mean I want to go to a country for a month or few months instead of just days or weeks! But I don't think I can do that now with my current commitment anyway. :/ Shall see how....


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