Passion keeps you going

September 10, 2014

How many of us are actually passionate in what we do? Or we are just doing for the sake of doing it?

The other day, I heard this speech given by this special guest during Ran's convocation and it actually reminds me of the motto I always believe in and stand by for, which is "Always do the things you love and passionate about".

I guess it's really hard for all of us to say that we love every single thing that we are doing in our life, especially in Singapore, where everyone is conforming to the norms. You must go to school and with everyone telling you to go to collage and get a degree because....? Everyone in Singapore has a degree. People try to dress like everyone else because if you don't, you might get judged for being flamboyant and they will start talking behind your back. Everyone needs to work a 9-5 job and stick to this routine cause you have no choice not to work, you just have to. Work hard, save money and buy a flat.

There are way too many things that all of us are conforming to and for people that actually tried to live their own life, gets condemned and reprimanded. People will be telling them that they are not doing it right. No, it's not the right way because you need to study hard and go get a proper job, you need to do this and you need to do that.

But is there really a RIGHT way of living your life?

No, I don't think so.

I'm not saying that going to study and get a degree is not right, I'm not saying working 5 days a week and earning money to buy flat is not right, I'm not saying conforming to the norms and lead your life like everyone else is not right.

It is definitely okay but WHAT ABOUT those that are really passionate about something else?

What about those that know what they want to do in their life and they do not want to live like everyone else? Do we support them or do we advise them not to take the risk and ask them to follow what everyone else is doing?

I actually know of people that are like that in real life, these people know what they want in life but yet everyone around them kept on condemning and "brainwashing" him/her to live like everyone else. And many that are doing it are their family members or relatives, which I can understand why though. Because no parents in this world will want to see their kids suffer in life. They want them to have a good career and lead a good life, earn lots of money and to live better than they do.

But we must also know that, these people that know what they are passionate about things and know what they want to do in life are people that have chance to make it big! Doing something that you are really passionate about and love, will make you go far. If you are just doing for the sake of doing things then sooner or later, you will be so drained out and tired from it. It's always the passion that are inside you that pushes you through all the tough times.

So for those who are reading this now, and really know what you want in life, please work towards your dreams and goals! You will never know where it will lead you to. Always remember that passion is the one that will keep you going! :)


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  1. Anonymous6:24 pm

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  2. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Hello Ben, I can't find your Btw where did you buy those pair of maroon shorts? Thanks a lot bro✌️ A touchรฉ entry๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ [sorry if I dupli-comment]+