Bistro du Vin

January 30, 2015

Went for The Drums concert the other day! I'm not a fan of the band nor neither do I listen to their music, I went because my friends wanted to go and I thought it might be good to expose myself to a different genre of music that are not that mainstream, you know? After that, we went for our late dinner and we decided on Bistro du Vin which is located at Shaw Centre.

I've heard people telling me that Bistro du Vin is one of the best French restaurant in Singapore and it's my first time there, so I'm pretty excited to try it out. The ambience was not that bad and it was still pretty packed even though it's after dinner hour.

Bistro du Vin Singapore

Adorable menu.

Bistro du Vin environment

bread -Bistro du Vin

Bread as appetiser before dinner.

escargots - Bistro du Vin

I ordered escargots because I really like them and wanted to try if its good here.

escargots - Bistro du Vin

Delicious! I really think they are a good starter dish for dinner.

le confit de Canard -Bistro du Vin

le confit de Canard. (Duck confit)

mushroom - Bistro du Vin

Sauteed mushroom as sides.

coq au vin - Bistro du Vin

I'm having the coq au vin - which is chicken braised with wine, lardons, mushrooms. I dare not say I love it a lot, although the first few mouthful of it, I really think it's yummy but after eating for awhile, it will make you feel quite 'gelat'.

typicalben with red wine

A red wine certainly goes well with my coq au vin! ;)

red wine typicalben

Sometimes wine is just necessary.

Bistro du Vin dessert

Always end a meal with a dessert. ;)

Ran just came back home and he keep disturbing me to accompany him to go jogging omg. I was just about to start writing here and then he came back and talk to me and got me distracted. Will go stop him from talking first then continue writing here later. :)


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