My failed picnic attempt

January 13, 2015

I just had steamboat with my mum earlier at about 1am and now I'm way too full too sleep! :/

It all started by us watching Kang Xi Lai Le on tv and then after that, I spontaneously asked my mum whether she wants to eat steamboat. She then agreed and went to prepare immediately wtf (I think she also hungry! Confirm!). Luckily steamboat is relatively easy to prepare as we just have to dump all the ingredients into the soup, so I don't need to feel that bad for making her prepare at such a late hour haha. But the worse thing is... ended up we didn't even eat much at all, we just had a bit of food and we were all full already lol -_- I think our mouth are just itchy, you know there's a Chinese saying "嘴巴痒“ hahaha. It means you're not hungry but just wanna eat something. Anyway, my dad and Ran don't even want to care about us at all and they went to sleep while we were eating! Well, I was thinking that maybe we all can have a family steamboat supper together or something what hahaha.

Talking about food, I kinda went for a picnic last Sunday and it pretty much a failed one because it didn't went well due to the rain. I was quite upset about it because I planned it one week ahead and was looking forward to it! But one lucky thing is that we decided not to prepare food ourselves from the start due to time constraint, if not I think I'll be even more upset. But I'll want to plan one again and this time round, we will have to prepare all the food ourselves. I think it will be more fun and delicious too! ;D

Do you all wanna make a quick guess how long did my picnic lasted last Sunday?

Nope not 1 hour!

No no, not 30 mins!

Noooo! You're wrong, not 15 mins...

Just..... 5 mins! -_-

Went to Gastronomia at Holland Village for a quick bite before heading to Botanic Gardens for picnic! Ordered this Blue Orange Mocha and it is SO GOOD okay and I really loved it! It's one of my favourite caffeine drink now!

And usually I cannot finish my coffee whenever I had it over at Starbucks but this, I finished it all! Or maybe because at Starbucks, I'll always order either Grande or Venti and it's too much coffee for me. I can drink a lot of tea though, I think about.... 20 Venti size cup lololol since I always refill hot water non-stop. Which also makes my teeth getting more and more yellow nowadays! :(

Salmon pizza which is delicious as well.

Then after that, we went to buy some of the food from Gastronomia itself and also Cold Storage. Actually I really do like grocery shopping, its super fun! We didn't buy a lot of food because I always have a feeling that we won't eat so much one. That time I went picnic with Fingers, we also didn't eat much. I don't wanna waste the food, so this time round I didn't want to buy so much.

Arrived at Botanic Gardens with Vespa (which explains my helmet)! Yes, because I posted this picture on my Instagram and there are people thinking wtf is he wearing a helmet, he think he cute like that? - So yeah, I was on a scooter okay! Legit reason!

Randomly just hopped on a swing chair while finding the area for our picnic session!

Finally found a place and after taking this picture, it rained!!!! So we quickly packed up and went to seek shelter.

And after about 10mins, the rain stopped. So we went back to the grass patch and placed all our stuff again...

First time trying this orange juice!

Some meat to go with the bread! We also bought some ham as well!

Cheese to go with the bread too!

Pasta and broccoli that we take-away from the restaurant! And did you see that water droplet on my phone in this picture? Yes, after taking all these photos, IT RAINED AGAIN! So we quickly packed up and seek shelter again. x_x

And after about 15mins, the rain stopped again. So we went back to the grass patch and placed all our stuff...

Took some photos before we get all lazy and laze on the mat while munching our food.

Chips!!!! Who doesn't love chips!!! I super love!!!!! And after taking these pictures, IT RAINED ONCE AGAIN!!!!! This time round its super heavy rain though, so we ended up having picnic in the shelter? -_- Sigh. That's why I said the time that we had proper picnic is just 5mins only, or maybe less than that because I used them all up to take photos fml lolololol. Okay that's all!!!

I'm very determine to go back for a picnic again soon but this time round other than preparing food myself, maybe I'll also check the weather forecast before going hahaha! Now we know!!! Must always check the weather forecast before picnic lol! ;)


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