February 25, 2015

I find it really funny that some people are actually so insincere in doing things/work and when they made any mistakes, they don't even bother to apologise at all? Is it true that some people just simply 'get by' from doing their work and think it is okay to not hold responsibility on what they are supposed to do? Worse is that they actually expect people to behave in the direct opposite way from they are behaving. I also hate it when people talk down to someone, making it sound like you don't deserve anything that you might deserve/rightfully deserve/owned. Putting people down is such an awful act and it shouldn't even happen at all.

Anyway, just some random thought although I'm feeling very zen now lol. ;)

typicalben crossing road

Went to meet Isaac and Esther as they wanted to go to a dog cafe. It's my first time to a dog cafe!

typicalben dog cafe

Food isn't that fantastic (which was kinda expected?) because I think for all these themed cafes, people are there more for the experience than food. But I must say it's really quite fun feeding all the cute little furry kids with their food.

feeding dog

Look at how innocent this Golden Retriever looks? *.* If I were to get a dog for myself, I would definitely get Golden Retriever because they are so tame and sweet. The last I heard, the 2 Golden Retriever in the cafe is up for adoption.

typicalben feeding dogs

See!! All of them get so excited and made us excited as well hahaha!

typicalben feeding dogs

"Everyone will have one mouthful each, please be patient k!"

typicalben ootd

Outfit for the day! Wore the top and shoes that I got from Shanghai and pants from Topman.


typicalben smart attire

Finally planned a day to meet up with Minting and Chinhao! While waiting for Minting to end work, Chinhao helped me took some photos near Bali Lane as we were also going to go there for dinner later hahaha.

typicalben haji lane

#candid #notreallyagoodshot

typicalben minting chinhao haji lane

With Minting and Chinhao! Back to the place where we took a photo (click to see) at the exact spot 1.5 years back! If you are interested to read the entry of where we met up 1.5 years ago, you can read it here! ;)

korean rice

Went to have Korean food!

korean chicken

Korean fried chicken! Super yummy!

korean fried chicken

I love love love fried chicken!

kimchi soup

Thick and creamy kimchi soup!

typicalben selfie

Trying very hard to squeeze my dimple out and for it to be seen!

Mexican food

Had some light Mexican bites and drinks to end off the night.

chinhao typicalben minting

One last group picture before leaving! Can't wait to see them again soon!


typicalben jap food

Impromptu meet up with JJ and look how happy I am when I saw the fish that I ordered came!

nap food fish

Because it's really HUGE! YUM! :D



Being a nice brother *coughs*, specially made a trip out to town area to pass Ran his macbook charger because he forgotten to bring them and he needs to do work. Took a few picture before we parted and I especially love this blurred one!

typicalben ootd

Sweaters can never go wrong, never.

cafe hop

Went to have all day breakfast for dinner with Isaac and Duncan!

cafe hop

Mum is preparing dinner tonight and we are going to Lo Hei and she the Yu Sheng, she gonna do it herself! Homemade Yu Sheng! Waiting for Ran to be back then we can start dinner! Today is the seventh day of CNY, which is traditionally known as 'Ren Ri' (the common person's birthday), so everyone today grows one year older! So happy growing old and wiser to you and me! ;)


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  1. Anonymous6:10 pm

    where do you purchase your sweaters?

  2. The dogs are super cute! Which dog cafe was it? I'd love to visit it sometime soon. :)

  3. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Which restaurant/place you went for the korean food ? :D