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April 15, 2015

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Hello everyone! I'm here today to talk about something that all of us get in touch with everyday, in our daily life. Something that we need for survival and is one of the most important substances on earth. Singapore has come a long way and sometimes we tend to get too comfortable and slowly taking things that are readily available and accessible to us for granted. I just watched this adorable yet beautiful and heartwarming video that reminds me to appreciate the value of water. In this video (below), they mentioned about the very simple and valid reasons of why we should save water. Let's all take some time to watch it together, shall we? ;)


Today, more than 5 million people in Singapore enjoy clean, safe water at a turn of a tap. :)

I'm sure all of us benefitted greatly from it. When I think of it, I really blessed to be able to get clean and safe water from our tap whenever I want it. It is always heartbreaking to see some countries that do not have proper water supply, and how they actually suffered from it. To do that Singapore has built a robust, diversified and sustainable water supply from four different sources (local catchment water, imported water, NEWater and desalinated water) of water supply. However, having an adequate supply is only half of the water equation, it is equally important to manage the water demand, which then boils down to all of us.

Although, something to applaud all of us for is that Singapore’s per capita domestic water consumption has been brought down from 165 litres per day in 2003 to the current 150.4 litres. This is after the implementation of water conservation plan that encourages customers to use water wisely over the years. Yes, indeed, we are always exposed to all these water saving messages as we are growing up and it seems like we are subconsciously reminding ourselves to do some of the water saving acts. Their target is to lower it to 147 litres by 2020 and 140 litres by 2030, which I'm sure all of us can help and play a role if we remind ourselves constantly.

I'm not sure about you guys, but for me, I always will have this subconscious mind that I'll feel a pinch in the heart whenever I deem that I'm not using water wisely. Like I'll turn off the tap whenever I brush my teeth or to stop the shower when I'm soaping myself. Below are some water saving tips that we can always do to play a part and to remind ourselves to value water and use it wisely.

1. Use a tumbler when brushing your teeth

typicalben water conservation pub

Using a tumbler when brushing your teeth can reduce water wastage and it's a habit that I'm trying to get used to.

typicalben water conservation pub

For me, I'm using the tumbler I've gotten from Starbucks, you guys can use cups too!

typicalben water conservation pub

Apart from this, I'm pretty sure many of us have dual flush flushing cisterns for their toilet.
Keep in mind to use reduced flush for liquid waste instead of full flush.

2. Take shorter showers

typicalben water conservation pub

Take shorter showers and try not to sing too long in the bathroom! ;D

3. Turn off the shower tap while soaping

typicalben water conservation pub

A habit that I've picked up in recent years, which is to turn off the shower tap and stop the water from running while I'm soaping myself. Little effort can play an important role of valuing our water and not to waste it unnecessarily.

4. Run the washing machine only on a full load

typicalben water conservation pub

This is something that I don't do, but you can remind your parents or domestic helpers that to only wash the clothes in the washing machine when the load is full. I've always seen my mum doing that which is awesome.

You can also collect rinse water from the washing machine for flushing the toilet or mopping the floor.

5. Wash vegetables and dishes in a sink or container filled with water.

typicalben water conservation pub

Wash your dishes in a sink filled with water prevent us from wasting water by letting it run while we wash them. Also, washing vegetables in a container filled with water has its advantages too, you can later use the water to water your plants!

typicalben water conservation pub

Using the water that was previously used to wash vegetables to water plant is a good way of using water wisely!


All these tips can be incorporated into our daily life easily if we remind ourselves. Water is a precious resource and therefore, we must try to adopt these habits. We should always value it and use it wisely, as every single drop count! I still remember when I was young, I always see Water Wally in posters or animation promoting water messages and water conservation.

(P/s: If you have kids or little cousins that you want to teach them about water saving habits, you can show them
this 2 Water Wally video animation: http://youtu.be/uO-5VuK7t8U & http://youtu.be/Z8f_GSbc35g.)

How time has files and I'm glad that we are still working on changing our habits for the better!

For more tips and information on water conservation, below link is a good read:

www.facebook.com/PUBsg | www.instagram.com/PUBsingapore

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  1. Haha, I really enjoyed reading this post. I am guilty of wasting a lot of water whenever I shower or brush my teeth. There are a lot of things that I did without even noticing though. I'm going to start washing dishes with my sink full or water instead of letting water run on every dish. http://www.evalving.com