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March 27, 2016

face of man - typicalben

Can I say I seriously love doing facial over at Face of Man?!

Time files, it's already my 8th session over at Face of Man and I previously didn't know that they have this first time facial promo for new customers at only $28?!! I just found out from my therapist and I'm not obligated to write about this trial but ever since I went there for facial, my skin condition really improved tremendously. Therefore, I thought of sharing it with you all so you guys can also go try it out yourself! This is not just for guys only, I was told that they have female customers too! So females are more than welcome to try it out!

facial - face of man - typicalben

I find it super affordable to do the trial because it's only $28 and you can see whether you like it or not! There's no obligations for the trial and no hard-selling after that too, so you don't have to worry! I do recommend my therapist, Pei Na, if you're going down to the City Hall outlet for the trial because she is super nice!!!

The $28 facial trial includes: Superficial Extraction, Ampoule Serum and Mask.

You can call them at 63396636 to book an appointment! Let me know how did it go k! ;)

Address: The Adelphi #04-30
Telephone: 63396636



Other outlets:

Address: Lucky Plaza #06-40
Telephone: 67327577

Address: Roxy Square 2 #02-83
Telephone: 63453323

Address: 728 AMK Ave 6 #01-4214
Telephone: 64560900

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  1. Hey Ben, Idk if anyone have asked you before but I was wondering what model of camera are you using? I love how your photos look :)

  2. Hi dear,
    I really love your blog and this post is awesome!

  3. Thanks for the tips about the skin care i always visit spa more